Summer Uniform

11:04 AM


When I went through my closet and cleaned out all of the junk that really needed to go, Kyle was slightly heartbroken when he saw that this vest remained. 

"You took three huge garbage bags of clothes out of your closet, but you kept that fucking vest?!" 

Yes, yes I did. I also added a Weezer patch to the back of it for good measure. Muwhahahahaha! Go figure, of all of the clothes I have, some being nice, vintage pieces, some being splurges, my favorite item is a $3 find from the Salvation Army. Not only was it cheap, but it is usually the finishing touch on my summer uniform. Cute sundress/nice skirt/etc that needs something extra, how about a faded, denim vest from the 90's with a Weezer patch and a pin of Tom Baker's face attached? Seriously, how is it that I am not on the cover of all fashion magazines at this point in my life? I guess people don't recognize quality when they see it. In the meantime, I guess all of you lovely readers are just subjected to this crap until you realize that there are much better blogs out there (shhhhh, don't tell anyone). Happy Hump Day!

Oh and I am half-blonde now. 

Skirt, & belt-Modcloth
Camisole, & sandals-Target
Bag, & Subglasses-Urban Outfitters

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14 Musings

  1. I love the vest, I'm glad you kept it!! And yay for some blonde in the hair!!

  2. omg Kyle is such a hater. That vest is great.

  3. That vest is such a summer classic. A real must!

    Love that skirt too!

  4. two are soo funny..made me smile when I read this. Great outfit!

  5. While you go into summer, we go into winter. I am really jealous that you can wear what you want...but then I don't need to think about what I need to wear everyday. Also my high vis shirt is awesome for clubbing (I am too old for clubbing lol)But you look lovely as always :D

  6. Cute look!! I love how you layered with the vest. :) Perfect for summertime!

    xo - Sheila

  7. LMFAOOOO at Kyle's comment Sara! HAHAHA Girl, I like your vest and your outfit. That skirt and top look awesome on you. Do your thang!

  8. you rock it! and you gotta know somebody to get on the fashion magazines keep at it you will get their! Love you <3

  9. You look AMAZING, Sara; I am so loving that vest!!


  10. Love this summery and relaxing look! Have a great week hun! Sending lots of love from Bangkok :) <3

  11. You're too cool for all those magazines. Too much epic hipster vibe ;)

    Dammit, Kyle! Just be shuuushhh ;)

  12. Such a pretty skirt !


  13. I personally think that the vest and the blonde are amazing! I'm glad you kept the vest!!


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