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Summer seems to bring out the extremes in everything, but mostly more nights with less sleep. On the weekends, it tends to come from late nights of watching cheesy movies, Princess Diaries? Hells yeah! Or from running around all day with an over-caffeinated younger brother, doing ALL of the errands, followed by a very, very late night of ALL of the drinking. Seriously, I feel like Kyle and I either stay in and embrace the hermit life, or, we decide to bar-hop, and terrorize everyone with our drunken shenanigans. Tacos, $2 drinks, shots with an old-high school friend, drunken karaoke at our favorite shit-hole bar, followed by harassing our friend Mike at the bar he works at during last-call (sorry Mike!). 

And what are Sundays/weeknights for? Staying up waaaaayyy too late binge-watching TV shows. Last night we made our way through a few episodes of "Shameless", it is amazing! Pretty different from our normal  preferred genre, but still. Makes me feel slightly better about all of the booze we inhaled over the weekend, because there are people out there WAY worse. 

And Monday mornings? They are full of heaps, and heaps of strong coffee. Sleep, how I miss you. 

Shirt & Boots-Thrifted
Jeans-American Eagle Outfitters
Tank & Hat-Target
Glasses & Bag-Urban Outfitters

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14 Musings

  1. Samesies! Summer = all the fun, coffee, and lack of sleep. My Sunday night was similar, except board games + beer instead of TV.

    Annnd coffee now. Kthx.

  2. I love Shameless! It's one of my all time favorite shows! So dysfunctional, but so good! And your drunken shenanigans sound fun to me! And I love your outfit. The end.

  3. I think we'd have fun hanging out...we should try it some time!

  4. Very cute outfit! You don't look sleep deprived at all! xoxo

  5. Dam you and your summer. It is currently 35f. I miss the summer already and we have only had winter for a week lol. Weekends are all about going out too much and watching stupid crap that you don't have time for during the week.
    Hope the caffeine helps :)

  6. Yes to this entire outfit. I have a similar shirt to that but it's black & doesn't have all that cool design.

    Shameless (I assume you mean the US version) is a pretty good show. I haven't watched the most recent season though. You know what else is a good show? Masters of Sex.

  7. Sounds like summer is having its way with you!..hehehee..

  8. Oh, you two are sure making the most of summer. All the best. Cool hat!

  9. Wow! Its great you are seeing old friends and enjoying June.

    We've had some bad weather here. Flash flooding. Water in the basement. At least we didn't get the twin tornadoes that got a small town west of here.

    Love'n the outfit!

  10. Lmfaooo about Monday mornings Sara! HaHaHa To me it sounds like you two have a blast no matter what you do! You do WHAT you want and WHEN you feel like it! Cool outfit doll! :D

  11. This outfit is EVERYTHING - I love it! I need that knit in my life - the perfect toss-on over tanks and bikinis!!


  12. dammit girl why your face got to be so cute!
    Princess diaries? I need me some cheesy movie time!

    We have a similar life plan, but usually hermit life wins and we only drink "all the drink" every so often ;)

  13. Ah. You coffee lovers are so cute. I think it is sweet that you two like to just stay in all Sunday and then drink coffee the next day haha. I usually read all afternoon after church on Sundays. I unplug from everything that day (except I tend to take instagrams only for "plugged in things" that day).


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