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Weekend recap! Just, you know, a week late. 

Friday night, the other weekend, we were invited by some friends to check out a small architectural tour in downtown Detroit. I honestly thought that I would be bored of off my ass, but I ended up really liking it. We didn't even take that many photos on account of being too distracted by all of the awesome stuff to look at, but Kyle did take a few as you can see here.

We saw the inside of the Chase building, the old federal reserve building, as well as a few others. The buildings are full of Quicken Loans employees, and each building, each level of each building is totally different. There are bright, neon pink bathrooms, LED lights everywhere, different themed walls on different levels, it is all very bright and modern, but of course mixed in with all of the old, vintage touches of the buildings. There were even scooters available for people to get around in, snack bars everywhere, a Starbucks, a Swirl berry, it really looked like a fun place to work.

I think my favorite part was the old baking vaults. They were huge vaults, with heavy, heavy doors, and instead of just sealing them up or something, they were converted into conference rooms. There is a reason why interior design shows are so damn popular, people come up with some really awesome ideas. 


I wanted to steal that bench. 

Saturday, Kyle and I headed out to the strawberry festival in Belleville. We had never been, and ended up having a lot of fun. Of course, we forgot the camera in the car for the festival, but I did take a few and post them on instagram. After the festival, we decided to head up to Ypsilanti, my old stomping grounds (okay, for only six months, but still). 

Ypsilanti is a cool, small little town right outside of Ann Arbor. It is pretty quiet during the summer, and then once fall hits, it turns into a typical college town. It was a little surreal revisiting the area I lived in ten years ago, back when I was struggling so hard with school  (financial aid issues) and slaving away for the golden arches. I didn't have a car, didn't have any friends in the area other than my roommate, so I spent a lot of time that summer before school started riding my bike around the area. 

We checked out a few parks, then wandered around downtown a bit. I wouldn't mind revisiting the area again in the fall, when everything is crazy again. Although at the time I was really frustrated with myself, and thought that I would never amount to anything, all of that frustration and anger was eventually thrown into working my ass off at community college, and then at Oakland University where I met some really amazing friends.

See? Being a fuck-up isn't always that bad. You can return to the places that were once nauseating to you, walk around sipping iced coffee and really just appreciate how really not-scary it actually is.

 As well as wonder why in the hell there was yarn knitted on everything. Seriously though, how did they even do that?!


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10 Musings

  1. Seems like an awesome weekend. I'm going to steal your hat. And that bench.

  2. I love these pictures! The architectural tour looks really neat! I think the strawberry festival sounds fun too - overall sounds like a winning weekend to me!

  3. Oh so fun..such a cool weekend! Love the pics. So want that bench too!

  4. You guys got around to some great places! Love your hat!

  5. Its great to see pics of your travels around your area. Amazing interiors!

  6. Ahh the classic, photo in a mirror pose and the blurred hand ;)

    Looks like a pretty awesome weekend!

  7. Cool stuff. You're livin' the life!

  8. You so such awesome stuff on the weekend! I love that bench too and that wall of vinyl! I just heard on the radio that people in Detroit are having troubles paying their water bills. Since you are the only person I know who lives remotely near Detroit I thought of you and hoped you and decided that you must be doing okay for water.

  9. I'm basically obsessed with the record wall - that is the coolestcoolest thing EVER!!


  10. I love that record wall and how cool is that bench you're sitting on. I always enjoy the strawberry festival near us. That last place you visited looked so tranquil!


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