Little Bits: Warmer Weather

11:06 AM


It's Friday! And already the world feels like a better place. I know the concept of weekends doesn't apply to everyone, but whenever you are so close to a day, or maybe two days off, things just feel a tiny bit better. Unless you are a person who thrives on working. Freak. 

Anyway, how about a quick life update post? Because instagram, instagram, blah, blah, blah. 


Projects- I love them. I just finished a few smaller projects for the front of the house, and it really is looking nice. I am probably going to take a few pics and do a before after/progress post soon. I just need to mow my lawn first. Not that the lawn has to look perfect for a blog post, it just looks like a small jungle at the moment. Oops.

We are kind of on the broke-side still, so I don't think we will be buying a whole lot of decorative items for the garden this year. We did cave and get this cool guy last month though, because it is a blue lawn gnome. We also just purchased two 55 gallon plastic drums from my work that we are going to make rain barrels out of, which should help us out a lot considering how much rain we've been getting. Excite!


Spring Cleaning- This has mostly moved to the backyard now, but I still think that I am going to just donate most of the stuff that we don't use. People have too much stuff! I have gotten better about being organized though! It is much easier to pick out clothes for the next day when your wardrobe is smaller. It sounds lame as hell, but by doing a few things the night before, my mornings have been loads better.

Also, if you buy sidewalk chalk and leave it out for your siblings to see it, they will write 'penis' on the driveway. Oh wait, that's just my family. Carry on. 

Healthy Things- We have been trying our hardest to eat better, at home and while out. This has been harder for Kyle, as it is now ice cream season. 

Warmer weather also means lots of Louie outings. We have been taking him on seven mile walks lately, and he loves it. He may be a chubby bastard, but that dog would walk forever if you let him. Best workout buddy ever!

The best part of Spring is that Kyle is out of school until fall semester, woot! I love, LOVE my alone-time. However, I also really love not being the only person doing ALL of the chores in the house. That shit gets old, quick. Plus, there is another person around for Liam to terrorize when he is over! 

Happy Friday!

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15 Musings

  1. I'm 40 and I would write penis on the sidewalk if there were chalk sitting out!! So, it's our family, too!

  2. Tee hee to the sidewalk chalk! I love your family's humor!

    I am trying to get better about doing more the night before too. It really does make a difference in the morning!

  3. That sandwich looks so yummy! :)

  4. I for one am happy it's the weekend!
    I've been meaning to get into the habit of getting my clothes out the night before, otherwise I either spend too much time looking at the wardrobe or wearing the same jeans all week long... Just gets a little boring.

    At least they wrote penis and didn't just draw one. That's what I would have done.

  5. Don't worry mowing lawns is over rated..or until I get a letter from the council telling me to mow it lol. I was told its part of "growing up" thank goodness for Jango or it would not happen. I can always find something to distract me from chores, internet :D

  6. Gah! Louie has stamina - seven miles!!


  7. The weather in bangkok, Thailand is sooo hot! AND I'm a bit jelly with those who are having Spring atm <3

  8. family writes that word too!

    Love the Friday post!

  9. Such fun photos! Great you are getting lots done on the weekend..and still having some fun!

  10. spring/summer is totally is ice cream season! i swear hahaha. one of thing i'vebeen trying to do is to be more organizing. it's not going to well lol.

    i hope you enjoy your weekend!

  11. Nice photos, Have a great week end!

  12. i love the things you are incorporating into your life sara. good for you and keep it up.

  13. The sidewalk chalk - DYING!!! These are great photos and I love that you have a garden gnome! Every garden needs one!!



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