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On Fridays, we wear jeans! This was from last week Friday, the outfit that I wore to the Tigers game, I love baseball, I need more of it in my life. 

I am standing by Pinwheel bakery/Red Hook coffee shop in downtown Ferndale in these pics. Kyle and I typically will treat ourselves to breakfast on Fridays. It is that one thing to look forward too on Friday morning, when all I want to do is sleep-in and wait for the weekend. Good food tends to put me in a good mood. Also, coffee. 

Ferndale is the city I grew up in, and I always think it is funny when people ask me what it was like growing up here. Of course it is a popular hangout now, with the mix of eclectic and generic bars, lots of places to eat, tattoo parlors, and hair salons, not to mention the Rustbelt market, and loads of other cool things. However, growing up here wasn't as awesome. It wasn't bad by any means, but it was boring as piss. Seriously, downtown used to be home to a few giant convince stores, the Gap,  and a Mc Donald's'. There was a really, really shitty pet store on Woodward, where all of the animals looked like they were going to die the minute you took them home (they usually did), there were no festivals, maybe one art fair, and the highlight of the summer was the Woodward Dream Cruise (which was cool when it was confined to Ferndale, but now it is just a chaotic mess). Now, it is chock-full of small businesses, there is a bike route, lots of questionable artwork all over the place, and the houses are pricey. 

Not that I am complaining, I think it is awesome to watch a boring-ass city in the suburbs do a 180, I really do. But when people asked what we did for fun as kids, it was usually kicking dirt and/or teaching our younger siblings how to swear. 

Shirt & boots-Thrfited
Necklaces-Forever 21 & Etsy
Jeans-American Eagle Outfitters
Jacket & Bag-Urban Outfitters
Glasses-Warby Parker 

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14 Musings

  1. Oh how times change!! I think a lot of kids spent days kicking dirt and learning to swear!

  2. I've seen a few cities around me go through changes like that too. It is bittersweet in a way!

    I start out my Friday with a bakery goodie too! It's totally the best way to end the week!

  3. I love your jacket...I think it pulls everything together so nicely! Lovely outfit! I love the color of your top as well! =D

  4. I love this photo and the pop of your shirt against that type there! Yeah, small towns growing up hey? :p Man, sometimes I miss the simple life that is Tom Price. Lame.

    Yay for little treats! What did you and Kyle eat?

  5. Food and coffee (maybe some tea for me) never fails to boost my mood.
    haha, I love how you describe your hometown.
    My hometown was and still is reasonably boring, many of what we had has closed so it's not really going anywhere. But, I've been looking around the web at places to see in my hometown (we're going home for the summer and we feel like a little hometown exploring) and I might actually be wrong about my hometown.

    I hope so. I love it when a place is pleasantly surprising.

  6. Lmfaoooo Sara! HAHAHAHAHA Now I see why you're such a good reader. It totally makes sense. Love the backdrop. So cool.

  7. Hahahaa..oh, those good old days. We did know all the bad words first.

    Great to see lots of new thing happening there. The bike trail here has really confused many of us who drive on the street here.

    Great post!

  8. Great to have the Tiger games to look forward too. Sounds like a great place for Friday breakfast too!

  9. As you get older you get to appreciate the way your city changes. I haven't been able to do that I have moved too many times including overseas and interstate. It will be lovely to go back to my roots and see what is and what is not the same. In Melbourne every 2nd house gets knocked down and units are built. It looses its history, but what can you do?. I love the history in America and South Africa compared to Australia.

  10. LOL-the town where I live now is the same one I grew up in. When I was a child it had a population of around 3000. the slightly larger neighbouring town got a McDonalds when I was ten. Now my town has a population of around 12,000. I grew up playing in empty lots but now most kids play in parks and playgrounds.

  11. I agree with you about baseball. It's a magical game. Sometimes I believe it connects us to hidden parts of the Universe.

  12. Ferndale sounds awesome now! And I love that Bakery / Coffee Shop - so cute!!


  13. Oh my gosh Downtown Ferndale has change alot. I remember that gap... oh man haha
    i really love your outfit. that leather jacket is badass!

  14. I have a soft spot for downtown Ferndale, even back then. There was the House of Chants little oddball clothing store for a while. The candle making supplies shop (which is still around but way down the street and I haven't been in since they moved), Marigold's was a tiny hippy restaurant with a little shop up front that I liked, and of course Fuch's. And THE LIBRARY BOOKSTORE! SO MANY CHEAP BOOKS IN HIGH SCHOOL! And the bead store and the art supply store... It definitely wasn't what it is, now, but I found enough to look at and sometimes blow my money on, way back when.
    Once upon a time my grandmother also had a restaurant on 9 mile, for about 5 minutes. I was around, but definitely not old enough to remember, so it's more like a little bit of family history, there.


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