Little Bits: Marching On

10:33 AM


HAHA! GET IT?! It's MARCH-ing on, because it's March?! This is what I get for trying to be productive and prep posts ahead of time, I consume too much coffee and type whatever comes to mind, resulting in making myself sound like a giant idiot. But do I bother to go back and change it? NOPE. You are all stuck with it. QUALITY, RIGHT HERE.

Because of Instagram, I tend to not utilize my fancy camera for anything other than taking outfit photos, or pictures of food. Unless of course I just happen to be going on Weezer cruise, then it comes along, and everything gets documented. Even the things that you do NOT want documented, they are there! SO, I guess this means that I either need to take more photos of other things/people/events, because crappy pictures of food, and myself are pretty lame. OR, I could just go on another cruise with Weezer, because of reasons.

IMG_6912 IMG_6916

He wasn't ready for his closeup. 

1) Kyle and Louie, outside of our house. 
2) Liam with some kids from the neighborhood. 
3) Alfred, my brother's cat. 
4) Alfred, looking particularly traumatized. 

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15 Musings

  1. KITTY! He looks kind of like my furballs! Cute!

  2. Cats are seldom ready for closeups! Love these. Oh, the neighborhood kids..such fond memories..growing up!

  3. Love that about Marching'll be April fool'n.

    Sweet photos!

  4. Such fun photos! Glad you shared!

  5. traumatized or pissed? lol! great pics!

  6. I spy Natty Ice cans!! These are great photos. I wish I could get better at prepping posts but sometimes falling asleep just sounds so much better instead. These are great photos and that kitty is adorable!


  7. I love these pictures! cute! (Especially that cat. I'm crazy about cats!) Very fun post, Sara; I loved it!

  8. I love these pictures! cute! (Especially that cat. I'm crazy about cats!) Very fun post, Sara; I loved it!

  9. You can take your fancy camera on walks in nature to capture wild animals. Or snap shots of Godzilla when he visits your town.

  10. Hahahahaha!! Alfred's close-up is priceless!!


  11. hahha that cat's close-up killed me

  12. Ha, my brother's cat is not a fan of closeups either!

  13. LOVE the MARCHing on title! Too funny (cat).

  14. MARCHING ON! *SNORT* Know the feels about the camera... iPhones are just so convenient.


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