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Feeling Christmas-y yet? I still have work to do, but I am looking forward to tomorrow and Wednesday. I have a billion of cookies to make, a trip to the grocery store, gifts to do a crappy wrapping job on, Christmas eve dinner, more cheesy movies to watch with Kyle, and of course Christmas day! Family, food, and Doctor Who! Woot woot! 

To help get me more into the holiday spirit, I finally got around to reading A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens. My friend Jamie had wanted to pick up a copy when we went to John K King books in Detroit last month, so of course I had to pick up a copy as well. It was hard not imagining the Muppets while reading this, not going to lie. But I am glad that I read it, it was just as awesome as any version of the movies that are out there, as well as being a very quick read. 

A Christmas Carol tells the story of bitter old miser Ebenezer Scrooge, and his transformation resulting from supernatural visits from Jacob Marley, and the ghost of Christmases past, present, and yet-to-come. 

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  1. Oh..this is such a cool review. Funny..thing..other night when someone was on the phone with his grandparents..he doodle a Scrooge Vampire..truly an interesting concept.

  2. I should read it. I really should. You are really inspiring. Wishing you the best on the holidays!

  3. I LOVE this book. I have read it every Christmas Eve since I was, like, 9-years-old. It's one of my faves!!


  4. Sara, I usually read this every year for Christmas. I forgot to do so this year. HAHAHAHA I love the story. It really puts things into perspective. Hope you got everything done.

  5. I read this a couple of years ago and enjoyed it. You know what is crazy though? People in England did not celebrate Christmas at all UNTIL after this book came out! He made it famous in both England and our country. Only the Germans and some of the Dutch celebrated it (and very differently). the late 1800s is when Christmas boomed and he did live book readings on a regular basis of the story.


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