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Christmas movie! Kyle and I have both had a rough week work-wise, and then a brutal trip to the post office, and then to Fedex put Kyle in the most anti-holiday spirit ever. He is not Monroe from Grimm by any means, but Kyle really loves Christmas. He is the one who insists on the real tree every year, he is the one who comes home the day after Christmas with loads of clearance holiday lights, and he is the one who insists we watch all of the holiday movies and TV specials that we can. Don't get me wrong, I love the holidays too, but my favorite activity has to be that last one: Taking all of the blankets from the bed, and camping out on the couch with a movie. 

So last night I told Kyle to pick something out, in the hopes that it would put him in a better mood and it did. He decided on The Bishop's Wife, (the anti-trailer trailer sold it for us), mostly because he is not-so-secretly in love with Cary Grant. 

Plot: Bishop Henry Brougham troubled with funding for a new cathedral, prays divine guidance. His plea is answered by a suave angel named Dudley, who reveals his identity only to the clergyman. 

However, Dudley is not there to help with the construction of the cathedral, but to help guide Henry and the people around him. Since Henry has become obsessed with the cathedral, his marriage is unhappy, and his relationship with his young daughter is leading towards disaster. Everyone, except Henry, has become charmed by the new-comer. However, when Dudley spends time cheering up Henry's wife, Julia, Dudley finds himself attracted to her. Sensing this, Henry becomes jealous, and anxious for Dudley to depart. 

This movie was completely adorable. Kyle and I also spotted some familiar faces in the children, for those of you who have seen It's A Wonderful Life, so that was a pleasant surprise. This movie did lift Kyle's spirits, as well as made him become even more smitten with Cary Grant.  Look at that guy! How can I blame him? I mean, I may be partial to Jimmy Stewart myself, but I wouldn't kick Cary Grant out of bed. I mean what. 

PS-Another instant mood-lifter? Play Christmas with Weezer. It is all hymns, but you know, loud. 

Happy Holidays!

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  1. I grew up on old movies and I almost forgot about this one until I saw this blog post! Great pick! I may just have to watch it this weekend. Hope you're having a great week!


  2. I've never seen the original! I love Cary Grant. I've been watching some movies on Turner Classic Movies. I have such an old soul. HAHAHA Thanks for sharing this Sara.

  3. Oh, what a great cast. I've seen the more recent movie of this. I just haven't gotten around to seeing this one.

  4. Loved your review. This looks like a true classic!

  5. Such a wonderful holiday film! Glad you posted about this one.

  6. Aside from Miracle on 34th Street, I have never seen any classic, black and white holiday films. It's a travesty really. :/


  7. That sounds so sweet and beautiful. Kyle is the best! I love that holidays spirit and the desire to have a real tree.

  8. What a wonderful Christmas movie for the holidays!

  9. This movie is so funny and really sweet. I am glad you liked it!


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