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10:30 AM

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Oh, hey guys, I am alive! AAAND just in time to share what I wore on Christmas, on New Years Eve, because I am awesome like that. See, I thought that by being on vacation last week, I would have time to take lots of outfit photos, family photos, and foodie pics. I was wrong. Not only was I way too busy doing whatever it is that I do that takes up all of my free time, I also came down with the plague. Yay. 

ANYWHO. I did convince Kyle to take some photos of my awesome new yellow coat though! I also had on a pretty spiffy sweater on under all of this, but it was cold so. My cell phone crapped out on me right before I went on vacation, so as well as freezing up, dropping calls, and not taking photos, the battery would not charge. Awesome. I was eligible for an upgrade, and the awesome guy at the AT&T store told me to go to Target for a better deal, so I did. Long story short: I got a new phone, a Target gift card, and since Target was doing %10 off the entire store on account of screwing up everyone's credit cards (fun times), this coat ended up being about $8.00. Merry Christmas to me! 

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What are everyone's plans for NYE? Two years ago we had people over, last year we went out, so this year I think we are staying in. Also, we are super broke. I am looking forward to working on my resolutions for 2014, the first one will be to pay better attention to finances. We did really well most of November and December, but the past two weeks have been movies, holiday shopping, and food! Glorious food! 

Purse & Fox gloves-From Erika!
Jeans-American Eagle Outfitters

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13 Musings

  1. I had big bloggy plans for my vacation, too! And like you, mine completely failed to happen. You're not alone :)

    Loving that coat, by the way! Super cute and it just seems to suit you.

  2. I so love that first and last picture of you. Such a great coat. Looks like you guys got lots of snow. Hope it isn't tooo cold..but then again..I know you can handle it.

    All the best to a great new year!!

  3. Don't you look warm and cozy! Love the coat. Happy Blogging New Year!

  4. Such winter bliss! Love the photos! Wishing you a great New Years!

  5. Your coat looks so warm! My coat is currently missing a button & not so warm, ha. Happy New Year!

  6. Super cute. The gloves are adorable.

    Happy New Year, pal. 2014 is gonna be great for both of us!

  7. Ha, I posted my Christmas pictures today too. DEALS ON TOP OF DEALS!

    That coat is really, really cute. I love it when Target does their free gift card thing. I got like 4 $5 ones last year.

  8. Aww, cute outfit for christmas, Sara! Happy new year :)

  9. I have a similar coat in red that I've owned for a couple of years and is probably my longest lasting coat (I usually kill coats every winter). This is really cute and I like the scarf! We didn't really do much of anything for New years. . .we have been home. We're boring people these days.

  10. yeah i saw that deal online i'm a little jealous sara. i love your coat you look so warm and cute haha

  11. Sara, I've missed you doll. So glad you're feeling better now. What an adventure! When it rains it pours, but I'm glad you got some great deals. Yaaaaa for you!!! WOot! I love your new coat and I'm loving your hat & scarf. I've been in relaxed mode myself. LOL It's been hard getting back into blogging.

  12. Love your coat! You're looking super thin too. I'm jealous. :-)

    Is it weird that I'm excited for your new phone?

  13. Yes to $8 coats that are FAB - love this one on you lady!



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