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Last week while having lunch with my friend Mariah, we were both discussing how we were a bit bummed because it felt like we were missing out on fall. When I was a kid, fall seemed to last a long time. It felt like after school started, it took FOREVER to get to Halloween. Now, we are just so caught up in those lists of things we want to do, and the things we need to do. 

Nothing stresses me out more than the words "We need to hangout!/We need to see each other more!". Even if I love the person saying it, even if they don't mean an entire day spent together, I cringe inside because it is just one more thing to add to the list. The entire month of October was jam-packed with birthdays and Halloween parties-lots of fun times spent with amazing people! But a lot of other things were pushed aside, and now I am trying to figure out when to schedule doctor/dental appointments, and wondering if I can put off working on our sad-ass garden for another week. At the same time, I find myself craving more and more alone time, so of course this seems like the best time to take up running again. 

After two really bad waves of anxiety trying to figure out when I am going to fit everything/everyone in (as well as some financial issues, because bills are always fun), I made lists. A list of immediate things that need to be taken care of, a list of things that should be taken care of shortly after that, and a list of things I would like to do for myself. I always used to think that putting off spending time with a friend to do something for myself is selfish, but lately I have realized that if I don't take care of myself, I can't be a good person to other people. Who the hell wants to spend time with a giant crabass because she didn't get enough sleep, or is pissy because she has not worked out in over a week and therefore could not let off steam? Kyle, Louie, and the cats are stuck with me regardless, but I really don't want to put anyone else through that. I want to be able to look forward to spending time with  people, not dread it. So occasionally skipping out on a night of drinking to sleep in and go running in the morning is O.K., I just need to remember that. 

 Also, coffee fixes everything. Almost. 

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1) Shit I do when left alone, waiting for other people. 2) Great Lakes Coffee in Detroit. I sneak off to get coffee here a lot. 3) A rare photo of Kyle without his face in a book. 4) Our house is getting all fall-like. 5) PUMPKINS. 6) I don't even want to admit to how much I have spent on Pumpkin Spice Lattes the past 2 months. 7) Sometimes people spell my name correctly, and most of the time they spell Mariah's incorrectly. 8) YOGA. I need more of this in my life. 9) Louie! This guy would sit next to me all day at work if he could, giant fluffy bastard. 

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  1. I hear you! I get the same way when my schedule gets overloaded. I get grumpy and I need to take time for myself. I was able to do that this weekend, I hope you were too!

  2. when i get overwhelmed, i do the same thing sara. lists always help, because they help you to see things and prioritize. i got a lot of rest this weekend. i was exhausted. so i shut the computer off thursday and didn't return to blogging until yesterday. i was just tired. LOL so good for you.

  3. you definitely always need to take care of yourself, whatever that means for you! i love friend time, but alone time is just as important!!

  4. Oh..time seems to be zooming by these days..of course, sometimes, I wonder if the day would be slower if I wasn't online so much..but hey..I just gotta..

    Hope you get lots more fall outing in..

  5. Oh so true about these days. And I know what you mean..about hanging out..doesn't seem to happen as quick as I think it could.

    And I liked what you said about taking care of yourself..that is definitely important, too.

  6. Such a wonderful post. Love the photos..and I hear ya..about time..

  7. Great Monday post. I so need to stay home more..and enjoy home.

    So love your collages!

  8. I hear ya! I've been dropping hints that I'll probably be sleeping through Halloween because (a) I need it and (b) I need the alone time. I need to just sit in my room, writing and Netflixing, without social obligation. Then I can sleep whenever I want. It's just gonna' be lovely.

  9. There needs be more hours in a day. I'm telling you one minute it's 3pm next minute it's 8pm what the hell man. i get what your talking about too.

  10. We are kindreds. Seriously the way I have been feeling lately girl yo... I think the word need is also a trigger word for me. Know what I need? Food, Shelter and Human Interaction in some form. The rest are wants and when I address them as such it takes the stress out of it. Biggest first world problem, us ladies with too many people to see and things to do. We'll get there. I got your back.


  11. Coffee and lists are the two things that help me accomplish it all. But I am glad to hear that I am not the only one who stresses/freaks out when someone says...'we need to hangout more'. It makes me tense!



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