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Birthday! Actually, my birthday was on Sunday, but still. I celebrated on Saturday at a friend's Halloween party, and went to dinner both Sunday and Monday because I am awesome like that. Also, Kyle has signed me up for every free birthday dinner coupon imaginable, so we have been eating well this month. FOOD. 

After the cider mill on Saturday, we stopped by Target to check out a few clothing items I had wanted to pick up. I swear, Target is the best place if you want clothes that look like they have been swiped from the Doctor Who wardrobe. They had jackets & boots that looked very Clara, loads of flannel-very Amy Pond, and fedora-ish hat that would work as a femme-version of the Fourth Doctor's hat. I also want to argue that this dress could be very Sarah Jane Smith, at least it looks kinda 70's. Also, this post is not sponsored by Target or anything, I just like things. 

Anyway, I wore this out Monday night to Mongolian BBQ in Royal Oak. I think there were only 10 people in the whole restaurant, but the guy working the grill still forced them all to yell "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to me-not embarrassing at all.  Our waiter also made me a birthday hat out of tinfoil, it was awesome. Good food + awesome times = happy Sara. 

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Dress & Tights-Target
Jacket & Bag-Urban Outfitters

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17 Musings

  1. Happy happy birthday!! Sounds like you celebrated up quite well!! I love the dress - very cute!!

  2. happy belated birthday! you ARE awesome like that. and you look fabulous!

  3. Well happy late birthday! That dress is adorable, I love the way you styled it!

    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  4. this is such a lovely post dear! I am so liking your outfit here in this post. Already excited to see your future posts.

    What Kenny Hearts, a Lifestyle Blog by Kenny.

  5. happy birthday girl!!! woooo!!! i haven't been on instagram much except to post and then i log off. so i haven't kept up. LOVE your dress! Target has cute clothes. I bought a bunch of maxi skirts from them and recently a dress for Fall. My mom is always getting shoes from there. You have to jump and get it, because they sell fast. HaHaHa Again, love your dress. Looks great on you. Your hubby is so smart! I need to do the same thing!!! Thanks for giving me an idea. LOL I love Michaels. As you can tell, I go every holiday season and throughout the year. They have so many neat things. I could browse for hours. Their Halloween line up is always cute.

  6. I can't believe I missed your birthday!!! I'm sorry!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS SARA, YOUR THE BEST!!!! :D

  7. You're looking great, Sara! Not sure it it's just me but you look so skinny here! Love your hair, too! And belated happy birthday! :)

  8. Happy birthday chicken licken! :) 28! Fuck yeah. Look at you go! Married, house, degree (You have finished that right?! Have I lost track? Sorry!) ... I really want to be where you are when you turn 30. Can we arrange that? :D Totally selfish gift to you. Hehe.

    Also, woo for Kyle signing up for loyalty programs where they give you cheap shit around your bday. I never utilise mine... should get in the habit.

    Love the dress and the disclaimer about target. You crack me up.

  9. Rock'n that dress! Oh my! A beautiful 28! All the best!

  10. Sweet! Go you! Great that you've got a great start on having such a wonderful birthday with friends and family. I say..celebrate everyday!

  11. Awww...you look so adorable, Sara! Happy, Happy Belated Birthday!

    Oh, I am so the same way when it comes to Target. Walk in for peanut butter or coffee, walk out with 5 new pieces to add to my wardrobe. :P


  12. Awww. You look wonderful you 28 year old, you! Hehe. So glad you got to celebrate your day with friends!!

  13. That dress is awesome. Belated Happy Birthday!

  14. Belated happy birthday, Sara! You look lovely, that dress is so pretty!
    Glad you had a fun birthday! :)

  15. Happy belated birthday! :D I can't remember if I wished you a happy birthday or not on time via Twitter or wherever. There's a lot October babies in the world, apparently, haha. Myself included.

    I love this outfit. I want that dress! <3


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