DIY: Carpet Deodorizer

10:43 AM


A weekend post, woot-woot! Last week when Liam was over, I was cleaning the house and forgot to buy carpet deodorizer again. So I scoured the internet, and saw that it was really easy to make (although, apparently not easy for me to spell, so I apologize for that! Worst English major ever!). A lot of people seem to prefer tea tree oil, but I have loads of mint in the yard, so I thought I would try mint oil. I liked it, and I think I would like to try a floral scent in the spring/summer months, but the mint made the room seem very fresh. 

2 cups of baking soda
15-20 drops of mint oil (more or less to your taste preferences)
Container with a lid thin enough to poke holes in, or you can just use a plastic bag and poke holes. 

Mix everything together in the container, and sprinkle all over carpet that has been freshly vacuumed. You don't want to coat the carpet, but make sure a decent amount has been distributed. Next, step all over the carpet, working the mixture in. If you have a small child around who is bored *cough* little brother *cough* they would most likely be glad to do this for you, as it would seem like they are making a big mess. I waited about a half hour, then vacuumed it back up. It has been over a week, and it does not really smell minty anymore, but it does not smell like cats and dogs so I would count that as a positive. 

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5 Musings

  1. I have to try this. Franklin is allergic to anything containing fragrance, so this sounds like a great alternative.

  2. I so need to try this..pronto!

  3. Oh..that soda comes in handy for sooo many things. Thanks for posting this!!

  4. i'm definitely trying this. my carpets get cleaned next week and this sounds perfect afterwards.


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