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I played sports as a kid: soccer and basketball. Then in junior high and high school I ran track, joined the school soccer team, and ran cross-country. I liked playing sports, even if I was mediocre, because it really just gave me something else to do with my friends after school. My parents were never really into sports, other than the occasional game of catch with my dad. While the rest of the world rooted for their favorite football team on Thanksgiving, we watched E.T. The only time I ever remember watching athletes on TV was when the Olympics were on. 

Enter Kyle, and suddenly I found myself at baseball games during the summer. The first few games, I had no idea what was really going on. Then on opening day my senior year of high school, I skipped class to go to the game. I was an idiot and wore my Ferndale High School hoodie, and the security guard saw me standing in line, waiting to get in. Turns out the security guard was close friends with my principal, Mr. Ivory. He gave me a hard time at first, but then laughed it off. He even tried to get the newspaper to interview me because he thought it was so funny. True story, bro. 

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Now, years later, I still don't always know what is going on during a game. I still have a hard time paying attention to one on TV. But I will enjoy a cold beer on those really, really hot summer days when my legs stick to the plastic seats, and the seagulls swarm the stands, waiting to snatch up fries (MINE?). Or in the fall, when we are all hovered around the rails in the outfield with our standing room  only tickets-all that was left-because we had to squeeze in just one more game for the year. 

So here are some photos from some of the games we went to over the summer and fall, Kyle utilizing the telephoto lens he got off eBay.  There are loads more of these pictures, but I would need about 20 blog posts to cover them all. Either way, Let's go Tigers!

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9 Musings

  1. I do enjoy me some live baseball! My Twins really sucked it up this year though sadly. Glad your Tigers are doing so well!

  2. i do not like baseball at all, but the idea of watching a game outdoors with a cold beer sounds nice!! i love that you wore your hoodie to that game!!

  3. Live baseball is the best! How can you not love the unhealthy food and the cold beer? These photos were beautifully taken!


  4. Sara, your baseball story is so funny. I just had a good chuckle. It's funny how things bring up those memories. HaHaHa

  5. Unlike you, I grew up playing baseball. My dad took me to Mets games in Shea Stadium and I competed for years in Little League. So I know the game inside and out.

    The Tigers have compiled a great team in the past two years. Bringing Prince Fielder in was an inspired move.

    Going to ballgames can be fun just for the experience. The crowd, the food, the beer... an American pastime.

  6. I LOVE LOVE that first picture of Liam. You've gotta frame it!

    Yeah, we have our Huskers football here and the stadium that used to exist that I never thought would go away for our baseball now a parking lot for the zoo. Good times.

    Great post!

  7. Oh, I love that story about opening day and your high school hoodie! Good hometown fun. I always loved the hot dogs at those kind of games.

  8. This was such a wonderful post with so many sweet memories. Love the photos of Liam, especially!

  9. OMG how adorbs is Liam?!

    I've never been much of a sports fan myself, but my uncle is a HUGE baseball fan! I do like watching Miami Heat basketball games though. :D


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