Autumn Rush

10:30 AM

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It's the most wonderful time of the year! Its fall! Bring on the tights, jackets, & sweaters-Booya! This time of the year is my favorite, but it is also the busiest. The friends & family birthdays start at the end of August and plow through fall. I think Kyle and I have something planned for the next four weekends, and we still want to try to squeeze in another fall trip to the zoo. Not to mention cider mills, pumpkin patches, haunted houses, ALL the fall pies! I know everyone and their mother loves autumn, but I was born in October, so I feel like I am allowed to get uncontrollably excited. 

September also feels like a sort-of new years for me, it is that whole back-to-school mentality. Kyle is taking classes, and I am beyond jealous. I have been cleaning the house, harvesting veggies from the garden, and drinking pumpkin spice lattes like there is no tomorrow! Despite how busy we are, I can't help but try to get organized, I need a fresh start for the upcoming months. 

Of course I fully intend on hibernating for a few weeks after we get through this, because it's me.

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Other things that I am excited about for fall:

Soup. Seriously, does anyone else get excited for comfort foods? Soup is soooo good, and you can make giant batches of it and eat it all week. So. Good. 

T.V. We are already behind on New Girl, but I am really looking forward to checking out Sleepy Hallow too, it looks awesome! 

Halloween parties. I think most of the fun is trying to come up with cheap, creative costumes. But still. Halloween :D 

Sweater-Stole from my sister-in-law
Shoes, belt, & Skirt-Modcloth
Bag-Urban Outfitters
Earrings-Rustbelt Market 

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14 Musings

  1. I love Fall! It is my most favorite season for most of the things you listed! I find that we too get kind of busy though in the Fall, it just happens!

  2. Hey pretty jean jacket girl! I just picked up a beaut from an op shop for $15! We are twinsies :) I love these photos. Serial.

    Totally feel ya about the busy birthday season. I was FULL ON in August and it was my birthday month. Can't wait to hear about all the adventures.

    I'm probably going to go to our Halloween party as Daenarys now I've made the costume. As cheap as it gets! :D haha.

    I'm enjoying on all the catching up I seem to be doing. Weee!

  3. tell me what you think of sleep hollow. i think it looks good! i love your look amazing lately (i mean, you always do...)

  4. Sounds like you are on track! Go you! LOVE the outfit!

  5. there any other way to describe it? Love your post!

  6. Oh..I love your selection of tights. You always inspire me!

  7. You have so much to look forward to! Definitely share it with us. Looking forward to reading about them.

  8. LOVE the outfit!! I know what you mean by birthday season. I feel that everyone I know is celebrating birthdays all the way into February. I have yet to try my first pumpkin spice latte of the season but I fully intend on to soon! Also, am I the only one who was slightly baffled by the PSL abbreviation. Is this a new thing or am I just behind in life because I don't have cable? I hope you guys make it to the zoo!! I bet the zoo in Fall is just heavenly!


  9. I share your affection for this time of year. Love your wedges.

  10. You always have the cutest outfits!

  11. That skirt looks awesome on you, Sara. And I am loving your dangly earrings! :)

  12. this is the favorite time of the year. i love autumn. I need to plan a trip to the cider mill too. love your outfit!

  13. Really jealous of you wearing tights. It's too humid in my place, I mostly wear shorts and skirts as of late.

    I'm just as excited as you are for October. :)

  14. This outfit looks amazing on you!!!!! wow. I love soup. I eat it so often. It is so tasty!!!


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