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As promised, my tattoo! It is in the healing process, so it is peeling and all that, sexy, I know. I love it so much though! I went to Signature tattoo in Ferndale, and everyone was super nice and helpful. I am very picky about tattoos. I wanted my Weezer one (on my wrist, though it can't be seen in these photos) for several years before I finally got it, and this one I have wanted for almost two. The little heart is actually purple, it will be lighter once it peels and all that jazz. I *think* I am getting two more, and then I am done. I would like one on my side, and one on my shoulder. One of them my friend Mariah is going to design for me (bloody talented artist friends), and I am really stoked about it because it will be even more personal. 

Kyle on the other hand is super jealous of this one, and now wants one but does not want to match me. Typical Sideburns. 

Anyone out there have/want/like body art? 

Belt-Mackinac Island gift shop 
Earrings-c/o Anjolee
Bag-Urban Outfitters

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14 Musings

  1. Eeep!! Your tattoo is adorable! Wait, is that bad to call a tattoo adorable? I love it and I loved the placement you picked for it! I have five tattoos so I guess you could call me a fan. They're all on the smaller side but I'm planning on a few more.

  2. Your tattoo turned out so cute! I really want one at some point, thinking I'll save my money a bit after baby and get something fun.

  3. Oh..aren't guys like that..

    Sweet tattoo! Love the outfit too.

  4. So cool. Go you! Wish I had your dress.

  5. awesome tatt! i love it when people show state pride.

  6. Cool tatt! Wow..Hope you have a great weekend.

  7. Awesomeness! Great outfit, too!

  8. I like the addition of the little heart - such a sweet finishing touch! :)

  9. love it!!! i have a minnesota one with a heart...and i wanted just the outline, but i was actually covering up an old tattoo that i didn't want anymore, so i have to fill it in. anyways, yours is great!

  10. It's cute! I'm glad that it has meaning for you. I hate when folks get things haphazardly without any thought. I heard they are addictive. When you get one you want more! Love the ideas of your next ones. Thanks for sharing :D

  11. I freaking love it! I have a tattoo on my back, and I really want to get more.

  12. I usually see people getting Texas and NJ tattoos. This is the first Michigan one I've seen, which is definitely a uniquely shaped state!!! You are so cute! Love the outfit.


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