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Weezer. Where do I even begin? The band that got me through some very horrible times in my life, which is why, despite whatever the rest of the world has to say about you, I will defend you until the end of the universe. Pinkerton, The Red Album, both blasting through the paper-thin walls of my old apartment, and on repeat. My throat continuously hoarse because of constantly screaming the lyrics to every song, much to my neighbor's displeasure. Driving Kyle insane with The Blue & Green album, until he finally broke down and bought me Maladriot, just to listen to something else. When everyone else cringed, I proudly bought Make Believe, Raditude, and Hurley. When I got to Death to False Metal and heard your cover of "Unbreak my heart", I fell in love all over again. 

13 - 1 (2)

So when Kyle bought me tickets to see my heroes on stage, in Canada, for the Second time, I was ecstatic. I never complain, but I am used to sitting in the nose-bleeds whenever we go to concerts. When we got into the venue (Ceaser's Windsor), we ended up being on the floor, second-row to the left of the stage. I was already freaking out because I could actually see them, then during "Keep Fishin'" Rivers came down with his guitar, looked around awkwardly, and then sat in a wheel chair and was pushed around through the crowd. If my arms were three times their size, I could have reached out and touched him. He is sooo tiny! 

13 - 1 (6)
13 - 1 (3)

It was Scott's birthday! He kept kicking Rivers during one of the songs, so they started to sing about it. Rivers: "Scott, why were you just kicking me in the butt?", but you know, SINGING IT. During "Perfect Situation", the crowd sang along and Rivers referred to the audience as 'his choir of angles' !!! For a group of guys in their mid-forties, they have an energy level that could rival my 10 year-old brother. 

13 - 1 (5)13 - 1 (4)arm

I was honestly too busy starring, drooling, singing, fangirling, etc. to take pictures, so thankfully Kyle did or you would not see any of these. Including, but not limited to, several butt-shots of both Brian and Rivers (they were blurry, but still). Near the end of the set, we all rushed the stage. Being that close to the stage was exhilarating and terrifying as I am very nervous around crowds, but it was WEEZER. I had to use my fangirl powers to their fullest extent! 

13 - 1
Oh and here is a pic of me looking like a goober next to the stage after the show. So basically, if you so much as kinda like Weezer, I highly recommend going to see them. They are funny, sweet, loads of banter, and they sound amazing live. 


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12 Musings

  1. Looks a fab concert! I was the same when I went to see Take That!!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a wonderful weekend Hun xoxo

  2. you two had awesome seats! HAHAHA so glad you got to get up and personal with them. he took some great pictures. love the goober one ;)

  3. Super fun pictures!!! Looks like an absolutely amazing time! I'm glad you had a blast!

  4. Eeeep!! That's amazing and you were soo close!! I saw Weezer years ago and I remember not having a voice for days. It's always an amazing feeling getting to watch one of your favorite bands perform live. Living in this silly city of Los Angeles you sometimes literally run into celebs (I'm normally oblivious) but this one time I saw Rivers at a Rooney show and I remember staring with my mouth open for a good minute. Thankfully he was surrounded by fans so he didn't notice the weirdo in the corner with their mouth open. Or maybe he did. Oh well. Glad to hear you had an amazing time!!!


  5. Such a wonderful post. Love those pics of you..being there..WOW! A band I've always wanted to see.

  6. Such a cool post! Love that you guys went and had some amazing memories!

  7. You don't look like a goober! I got that same way with Gary Allen-- if I could have crawled onstage to dance with him I would have!

  8. Gah! What a sweet prezzie from Kyle. I LOVE the last picture of you - you look thrilled to the tenth power! :)

  9. Awesome pics! So cool:)

  10. I haven't listened to Weezer in years, but I remember enjoying them. When I saw Demi Lovato live back in March I felt the exact same as you.

  11. All the squees!!! I'm so happy that you got to see Weezer again! Best feeling ever when you love a band that much and get to see them live.

  12. I liked some of the new album . . .but NOT the cover song (it was dreadful for me, but then again I am not fond of cover songs in general).
    Glad you had fun!!


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