Day Two: Bear Country (Da Bears!)

10:30 AM

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 On the second day of our trip, we decided to go on a hike around the Porcupine Mountains. The photos above are of the Lake of the Clouds, and of us before we died. It was probably the worst idea ever to go on a seven mile hike the day after spending an entire day sedentary in a car. A seven mile, mostly uphill hike. Honestly, exhausted as I was after, it was a lot of fun.

Except for maybe Mariah, as she lost a shoe in the mud. Loud sqeaks happened. 

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(See above: sad shoe)

There are loads of trails in the Porcupine's, or, The Porkies. We did not realize that ours read with a "not for the faint of heart" warning until after we finished. Oops. 

Also, this area of the UP is known to be massively populated by black bears. There were instructions at the check-in of our campsite on what to do if you happen to come across a black bear:

-Avoid them at all costs
-If one gets close, back away from it
-If it does not go away, try yelling and growling at it, because this has worked in the past
-If all else fails and it attacks, fight back

The entire time we were up there, people kept asking if we saw any bears. We did not. However, we were certain that Kyle was going to get mauled by one on account of his habit of straying behind to take pics of EVERYTHING, so we made up for this by being the loud assholes that we are. 

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Along the trail we came across a few of the rustic cabins along a lake, they were really cute! We stayed in a small campsite nearby though, because running water and the need to charge our phones so that we could share lovely photos on social media. And also: bears. 

When we finished the trail, it was pretty late so Brian, Mariah, and I headed 15 miles out the nearest gas station to get some fixin's for pizza hobo pies, as well as more beer. We had to be very, very quiet that night because our neighbors pretty much hated us and reported us for being too loud the night before. The park rangers were actually really cool about it. They told us to basically shut up, but only because that park is freakishly quiet and that our voices carry. Then they started chatting with us about Detroit because one was from our area. 

The next day, the *cough* asshole *cough* next to us left (while yelling at his family, so I guess it wasn't just us he wanted to yell at-also, they were from Wisconsin) and a new family came in with dogs and they were loud as hell so we relaxed a bit more. 

But seriously, I wanna go back!

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7 Musings

  1. The porkies are totally on my to do list!!!! We're going to Yellowstone and Glacier NP in a few weeks and we actually ended up buying some bear spray-IDK if it would be any more effective but I feel like I'd stand a better chance than growling and/or fighting back. That seems like a super poor choice actually. Gorgeous pictures btw! Xo Lori

  2. Crazy awesome pictures once again!! It looks like you had pretty decent weather too! And now I want pizza hobo pies, yum!

  3. Sara there's always one asshole anywhere you go! What a frickin loser! I'm glad they didn't stay any longer. Camping pooper!!! I would've put on a bear costume and scared the buh-JESUS out of them! HAHAHA Glad you guys had a great time. I know the trail was difficult, but I know it was exhilarating in the end. Oh gosh, if i would've seen a bear I would climb a tree! But they can climb too. Uggggh! HAHAHAHA Great pictures of you.

  4. Oh..the adventures! Love that moon pic too. I'm glad you had your friends with you at the park too. Somehow, you just don't feel lonely..when you've got more peeps with you.

  5. Love'n these pictures! Scary about the bears.

  6. These are such amazing shots. What fun on such a majestic hike. Love the post!

  7. That is a lot of walking but sounds like it was so much fun!!!!


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