Day One: At Dawn, We Ride!

10:30 AM

IMG_2493 IMG_2502 IMG_2507 IMG_2524 

 Kyle took close to 900 photos, I promise not to post them all, but, I can't promise that the posts from our vacation won't be photo-heavy. Also, Michigan is beautiful. Even when stuck in a tiny-ass Chevy Spark for over nine hours (yeah that happened).  We left Monday morning after the wedding and I was not able to fall asleep the night before, so I was up at 4am. I told everyone to be over at 5 am, only Mariah was. After FINALLY getting our shit together, we left at about 7:30am. I was running on coffee and car-karaoke while everyone slept. Although we spent most of the day in the car, we stopped in Mackinaw to stretch our legs. I drove Tony Spark over the Mackinac Bridge and was beyond terrified, but, we obviously made it across without me killing us. It was pretty windy, so I drove at about 22 MPR, causing a giant-ass line behind us, but it was worth it.

Kyle also took photos while driving the car, because idiot.

IMG_2564 IMG_2566 IMG_2570IMG_2571 IMG_2572 IMG_2573 IMG_2574 IMG_2579 IMG_2580 IMG_2581 IMG_2582 IMG_2583 IMG_2584 IMG_2586 IMG_2587 IMG_2593 IMG_2595

When we finally checked into the campground at Porcupine Mountains, I had to put on pajamas because it was very chilly and the mosquitoes were attacking from every direction. Yes, those are David Tennant pajamas. We quickly set up our tents, managed to annoy the guy camping next to us within the first five minutes of our arrival, and get beer and firewood. We then headed down to the beach to watch the sunset on Lake Superior, it was beautiful. Minus our dumbasses. 

IMG_2596 IMG_2643

Beers and a decent fire finished the night. Also, Kyle took no less than a million pictures of the moon. Like you do. 

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10 Musings

  1. Gorgeous pictures! It's fun to see Lake Superior from another angle, I've only ever seen it from Duluth, MN!

  2. I can't wait to see more photos!! These are beautiful! Looks like it was a lot of fun!


  3. He took some fab photos..and I absolutely love that first photo of you!

  4. I really want to go there now! Great photos!

  5. How beautiful!!!!!! The photos are amazing!!!!! :D

  6. Sara, I was hoping you would show photos of your trip! These are absolutely amazing. Lake Michigan is gorgeous. That bridge is gorgeous! I get scared driving on bridges too. The guys are absolutely hilarious. HAHAHAHA Looks like a great time!

  7. Love the moon photos! Great post!

  8. Looking at the PICTURE of the Mackinac Bridge terrifies me, so massive props to you for being able to drive over it!

    You have the most awesome group of friends - you always look like you're all having a blast! :)

  9. what a fun and beautiful trip! i love all the pictures!


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