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Ugh, the dreaded return from vacation is here. Le sigh. Anywho, we did not actually leave right away for vacation, nope. Last Sunday, my friends Michelle and Hassaun (finally) got married! Yay! Kyle and I are slowly accumulating more married friends. Kyle's brother Brian was supposed to stand up for Hassaun as his best man, however, he could not get the day off work so I stood up in his place. 

I have known Michelle since middle school,  we shared a Backstreet Boys obsession, as well as a general disdain for our high school french instructor. Hassaun I met my very first day of high school, we had drawing 1, first period. I was late to class because I did not know where it was, then I ended up sitting with Hassaun. Shortly after, we started throwing chalk at each other, discussing bands, and the rest is history!

The wedding itself was very simple and sweet. Michelle chose a local park, our friend Becky took photos, and everyone wore comfortable clothes. Michelle wore a very nice black dress, so myself and Jamie (her maid of honor) wore black & white. Hassaun wore black and purple, and everyone looked great! Our friend Mike married them,  and we had pizza and drinks back at his house after. There were lots, and lots of jello and pudding shots, courtesy of the bride. 

It was really awesome to be a best man! Although, Hassaun did refer to me as his best-person. It really was a fun day and I think it is awesome that people are doing more simple weddings. Seriously, I thought mine was simple, but this was so much fun too! But then, when is bullshitting with your friends on a summer afternoon not fun? 

Earrings-c/o Anjolee
Sunglasses-Urban Outfitters

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11 Musings

  1. Very cute! I really like your dress!

  2. what a perfect day! and how fun to be best (wo)man!!!

  3. Aww, that sounds like fun! Awesome of you to stand in! You look super cute too!

  4. Welcome back girl! The wedding sounded awesome. Too much emphasis is placed on money & things when it comes to love. You can use that money for something else. Like a house etc! I use to want a big wedding. It really doesn't matter to me BIG or SMALL. Its up to the two people getting married.

  5. How awesome! What a wonderful honor! Glad you are back.

  6. So great to hear. Love the outfit. Good to see your Monday post!

  7. So great to hear you were best man at the wedding. You are way cool!

  8. Look so sweet. Its great to hear about so many different ways to have a wedding.

  9. That is really wonderful that you were a "best man" of sorts! hehe. It has been a while since you wore this dress on your blog, right? I heard the Backstreet Boys are back, is that true? I was never into them though.

  10. Ohmigosh! You had a Backstreet Boys obsession?! So did I! I literally thought I was going to marry Nick Carter. And I knew every. single. obnoxious. fact about them. Haha! :P


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