Who's Your Doctor?

5:30 PM

Seriously. More Doctor Who? Sorry, not sorry. Actually, I feel like my blog is the only proof that I do things other than talk about/watch Doctor Who. Then I go and dedicate another post this this show. Allons-y!

Anyway, lets back-track to 2005. The re-launch of the series that originally ran from 1963-1989, along with a film in 1996, was basically the holy grail of TV shows to all of my fellow dorks. However, in 2005 I pretty much hated my life and dedicated all of my time to trying to figure out what I was going to major in at school. In 2007 I finally got a decent job (my current one), and started to take school seriously. By 2009 I had FINALLY graduated OCC, and was on my way to Oakland University, enrolled in three classes per semester, all while working full-time. By then EVERYONE was into Doctor Who! My best friend Jamie had already been nagging at me to watch it, but I just did not have the time. Finally at the end of 2011 I graduated, and found myself with an enormous amount of crafts to do for our wedding last fall. I started with Rose. Finally. 

The first few episodes were super cheesy, but I loved the Doctor! I also really took to Rose, who either everyone loves or hates-there seems to be no middle-ground. I think it was just because she was my first companion, but I also felt that I could relate to her. Unlike the more recent companions, the story really did not revolve around her. She was just an average girl with an average life, and of course a crappy job-until she met the Ninth Doctor (my life until I got to OU). 

As much as I adore Nine, and was cranky when he left, I fell for Ten. David Tennant! Yeah okay I think he is physically attractive (sex-god even), but, I just love how he portrayed The Doctor. He was goofy, energetic, sometimes a hero-but gave no second chances. He was very human, but you never really forgot that he was an alien. I think my favorite companion for Ten was Donna, the banter! The sass! Plus, Donna came equipped with an awesome family-Nobles FTW!

Now that I am caught-up, I still really love the show, even if it frustrates me at times. I was attached to Ten, but, Eleven is growing on me. Partially because after I caught up, I wanted more and started watching Classic Who. I have mostly seen episodes with One, and I can see bits of One in the Eleventh doctor. However, what really pushed me into Classic Who was an episode with Ten and Rose titled "School Reunion", when an older companion Sarah Jane Smith made an appearance. Sarah Jane showed up as this doe-eyed reporter with a robotic dog in-tow,  but The Doctor's reaction to seeing her meant that she held some importance (which, she was so awesome she ended up with her own spin-off of the show-I have not seen it yet). What sold me was her banter with Rose, she showed she had some spunk so of course I had to investigate her era. That is when I discovered The Fourth Doctor-aka: Tom Baker. Aka: Kyle hates this man, because I won't shut up about him. 

Because I have OCD tenancies, I felt that I HAD to start with the First Doctor, and watch them all in order. Well BBC decided to run a serial from each Doctor, one per month, leading up to the 50th anniversary special in November of this year-including commentary! So I have seen all of those specials, so far I have liked all of them. Sunday was the first time I actually watched a full episode with the Fourth Doctor and OMG I AM IN LOVE. I saw clips of episodes on youtube, but watching a full episode with this arrogant, yet super intelligent goof-ball made me love him even more. Also, beware of his deep, velvety voice-not even joking-it needs a warning label. 

So where does this leave me? Which Doctor is MY Doctor? Nine was my best friend, Ten made me fall in love with the show. One makes me love Eleven, and Four is just a fugly, yet beautiful creature who I am in love with-who also helped shape Ten. AND THERE ARE MORE DOCTORS FOR ME TO GET THROUGH. 

There you have it, how/why I love this show to the point where I cannot shut-up about it. I love the current show (NuWho), but I also am falling fast for Classic Who. 

I also love my Doctors. 

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9 Musings

  1. Oh man. I have to go watch some now. Hahaha.

  2. YESSSSSS COME TO THE CLASSIC SIDE. We have jelly babies.

  3. I keep missing the specials on BBCA. Dang!

  4. I do like this season of Dr. Who. Great review of the clssics.

  5. Thanks for keeping us updated on the Docs.

  6. Uber excited about this new season. Great to hear about the old ones, too.

    I like Doc Martin which isn't fantasy..but perhaps the Northern Exposure of British TV. Its been on a lot of years, too.

  7. From what I know of the Sarah Jane Adventures I'm not sure they're that good. It's kid's TV really - not always a bad thing - but I've not heard anything good about them

  8. i've never watched this. hahaha

  9. Seven was my homie & my first doctor (also 7 is my fave number omg), but Nine was my all around favorite doctor. He had an awesome Northern accent (my weakness), adorable ears. In my opinion, he was the best looking in the new series.

    I have huge Martha Jones appreciation. One of the reasons is because she’s so under appreciated. People don’t give her enough credit. She’s intelligent & she saved the world! Why don’t people understand this? And she had to put up with Ten’s shit & “I miss Rose” whine. She’s my favorite companion. But Donna, as I’ve told you, is a close second since she’s basically me.

    Speaking of Doctor Who, Matt Smith is in Detroit right now.


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