Black Coat, White Shoes, Black Hat, Cadillac

10:32 AM

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Oh hey, I am actually going to talk about clothes for once on this blog (whaaat?), like how  these pants finally fit without suffocating me. And, how when most people lose weight, they tend to wear clothes that show off their physique. What do I do? Wear as many layers as possible. Also, Every fashion blogger: nautical/pastels/floral prints/sandals for spring. Me: Buys two black dresses, black boots, and orders a black jacket.   WORST. FASHION BLOGGER. EVER. 

I am noticing another shift in my personal style, like wtf is this matching business? I can't stop buying boots and jackets to wear with dresses, or adding t-shirts to layer under dresses & other tops, because, summer is coming. Or, dressing completely conservative lately-don't get me wrong, I own and do wear mini-skirts that look like I share a closet with Amy Pond, but lately it is like I can't decide what to wear, so I just wear ALL the clothes. Maybe it is my inner Agent Dana Scully showing, you know, a sort-of buttoned-up sexy, eh? Eh? Don't worry, come summer and 90+ degrees, I will be living in shorts and fandom shirts and someone (Kyle) will eventually come along and try to hide them from me. 

Pointless blog post is pointless, have a great Thursday!

Dress & Boots-Modcloth
Shirt-Forever 21
Jacket-& Purse-Urban Outfitters

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10 Musings

  1. I love your outfit! Black clothes, black boots are my favorite.

    Of course I also broke out the short shorts yesterday so we're a bit opposite with that.

    I need to go shopping for spring/summer clothes. We should go sometime.

  2. lol! i am layering a lot, too, but it's out of's so cold here!! i love your layering!

  3. Hey girl, you gotta wear the layers while you can! And is matchy-matchingness a part of growing up?? Or maybe it's just a phase :)

  4. Nothing wrong with some black! I'm glad your clothes are fitting better too, that is always a good feeling!

  5. Oh..but I love boots and jackets! Cold here..windy..the snow too..brrr...

  6. Wonderful post and wonderful blog dear!
    Let me know if you wanna follow each other :)
    Hope the sun will shine again soon where you are (even though te umbrella os so cute ;))


  7. *sigh* I think it's best if you just post about books and culture 'cause every time you do an outfit-post, I fall in love with you again and, one day, Kyle is going to come over and kick my ass.

  8. hahaha! you are too funny! well, that is why we love you sara! you're unique. not cookie cutter.

  9. i love your site!
    hope you'll like my new site too :)

  10. How you are dressing is quite fine in my opinion. I think it is flattering. I think some people overdo things honestly. I love the layers! So pretty!!


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