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Another amazing weekend! So amazing that blogging was kinda put on the back-burn, sorry/not sorry. After a hectic week of scrambling around, I finally got a car! Don't worry, I will take pics & do a post soon. We rushed out Friday to get the car, rushed home so that we could all get ready to go to Orchid, a dance-club in Ferndale. Saturday we went downtown to John K King bookstore and just bummed around, then went for coffee at Great Lakes Coffee after. Saturday night we grilled up some food at a friend's house and watched the season finale of Doctor Who-which OMG, I CAN'T EVEN. Sunday, Stevie and I went to Motor City Comic Con, my first con ever and it was AMAZING! I took pics of pretty much everything, and my brother in-law even came over and took photos of us in our Second and Third Doctor cos-plays  which I will post pics of also! So basically, this just a post to say that there are more posts coming, how nice. 

Cardigan, Earrings, Sunglasses & Bag-Urban Outfitters
Belt-Mackinac gift shop
Necklace-Rustbelt Market
Tights & Earrings-Target

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11 Musings

  1. I'm glad you had such a fun weekend! And that you got a car! Yay for that!

  2. You should come with me for Detroit Fanfare in October. It's a lot of fun, it's more low key than MCCC but what do you expect from a con that is just going into it's Tom Baker year.

  3. what a weekend!! i love this dress on you. that second picture of you is so model gorgeous!

  4. Oh wow! Sounds fantastic. Love the blooms in this one too.

  5. So great about so many things. Can't wait for more.

  6. Love your dress! What a fun weekend!!!

  7. HAHAHAHAHA! I can't wait to see the posts coming. You are too funny! Glad you got a car girl.

  8. Such a fun outfit. Sounds like some great posts ahead!!

  9. Sounds like you had an awesome week!!! :D

  10. Hi Sara beautiful dress I lovely...and your beautiful..

    kisses rose jp

  11. It is that cool dress again! How nice it is!! I'm glad that you had such a fun time this weekend. Did you go to the convention in MI? I saw your Colin Baker pic and I was curious because my sister-in-law traveled to either Michigan or Illinois, but I can't remember which!


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