Reads: Leaves Of Grass

5:30 PM

Walt Whitman started writing Leaves of Grass in 1851, the selection of poems he devoted most of his life to. This is a first edition version, and the first time I have read it all the way through. Like the fantasy novels that I like to read when I need a break from reality, poetry works the same way. It makes me focus on each line, each word, causing me to ignore everything else that is going on and it becomes very relaxing. This book varies from shorter and longer poems, to prose, so there is a variety for my mind to ponder on. For instance:

"I celebrate myself, 
And what I assume you shall assume, 
For every atom belonging to me as good as belongs to you."

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7 Musings

  1. I LOVE that quote! So inspiring. I'm going to write it down for a possible embroidery project.

  2. I love the way it can provide an escape from reality too. 1851 wow, that must be fascinating.

  3. I dunno why..but I thought of House of Leaves..which they have now turned into a graphic novel.

    Anyway..I do love Walt.

  4. Very inspiring. Love that you posted this.

  5. Gorgeous. Pure poetry (bad pun, I know.)

  6. Oh, that is beautiful. While I know a few Whitman quotes, I have never actually read an entire book of his poetry. I'm adding it to my bucket list! :)

  7. I loved his works. It's a great read.


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