Summertime Blues

11:19 AM

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I have never been one for warmer weather, maybe as a kid, but give me crisp-fall leaves, hot soup, and heaps of snow any day. However, complaining about the weather is annoying, the only thing that is worse is people who complain about people who complain about the weather. 

SO, what do I do? I make the best of it. Kyle and I are plotting on doing some major yard work this weekend, woot woot! I don't actually like yard work, but last year our veggies grew in great. I made salsas, tomato sauces, mint jelly, kale smoothies,  and mojitos from stuff from the garden. I also taught myself how to jar food, so I am totally going to take more advantage of that this year. I like food, I like cooking things! I don't like being expected to cook giant family meals, or have dinner ready on the table by 7pm-fastest way to turn me off of cooking, I promise you! However, tinkering around with recipes Kyle and I find in the newspaper, cook books, or online? Loads more fun. Now that it is summer, I am excited to teach myself how to make salads, how to use the grill, and experiment with marinades and the like. 

As long as I remember Summer = Food = Happy Sara, I think I can make it. 

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8 Musings

  1. LOL, it is the great American pastime to complain about the weather I think! I like all of your plans though! Anything involving food is good in my book!

  2. we are opposites with weather. i love fall days, too, but i mich prefer long, sunny, warm days. i do agree about gardening. i love what comes up, even if i don't love putting it there in the first place!

  3. haha you make me laugh everytime i come to your blog. i love barbecues in the summer. food and summer

  4. Think deviled eggs and pasta salads! All the best on the gardening. You guys had a really wonderful garden last year..all the best on lots of fresh produce!

  5. All the best to a summer of fun with friends and at home.

  6. i think its awesome you have a garden. how fabulous! i cook, but i don't enjoy it. hahaha maybe the bug will hit me one day. i like that you try new things.

  7. I love your outfit. I complained just today about how hard it was for me to layer blouses under dresses and here you are making it look easy!

  8. So fabulous! Looking good!
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