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Oh, hey there three ear-piercings! I have had all of these for years, but just last week decided to wear earrings in all of them. I have been thinking a lot about other piercings and tattoos I would like to get in the future, and I am pretty excited about it. Most people get excited about things like this when they turn 18, not me-I am always backwards. Not entirely sure, but, I think another piercing and three more tattoo's are on the agenda for myself. 

Do you like body art?

Dress & Boots-Modcloth
Belt-Mackinac Island gift shop
Cardigan-Old Navy
Earrings-Target, Urban Outfitters, & Rustbelt Market
Purse-Urban Outfitters

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10 Musings

  1. I'm the same as you. I'm currently planning two new tattoos in the more immediate future and a third in the next couple years.

  2. I love piercings, but piercings don't love me. I have had several I had to let close up. I would love a tattoo someday, I have a couple of ideas even, just need to save some money now!

  3. You go girl! I just hate needles. And fear infections.

  4. I like my boyfriend's body art, but I guess I'm too old school.

  5. i have a second hole in my ear, but haven't used it since high school. lol i almost got a tattoo once, but then decided not to. i don't see anything wrong with it. it's sad to see people judge others though if it's not in a conspicuous place. i think more when a person picks one based on meaning than just ohhhh i'll pick that one. hahahaha

  6. I always wanted double piercings but Dad never let me! I also wanted a belly ring which I'm glad he never did-- so tacky.

  7. i really like your dress!

    you know what i always wanted a another piercing but my hole keep closing haha

  8. Love those earrings. I've never found a tattoo I've really wanted.

  9. Ohmigosh Sara I LOVE this look on you. Like love, love, love! You totally rock the tribal vibe. And the earrings...swoon!

    I've never been interested in tattoos {not just because I have negative 0 pain tolerance}, but yesterday I started thinking that I might want to get my bellybutton pierced. It will be my sole rebellious act of life. :P


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