Happy When It Rains

10:30 AM

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I have never been one to be affected by the weather or seasons, even though I do prefer autumn/winter over the other two. As much as I would like to huddle under the covers, sipping tea/coffee, reading a book when it is cold, I will bundle up and take Louie out on a walk. I may not be able to feel my butt-cheeks after, but I will still go. Same goes for the rain, I completely plan on walking Louie tonight, despite the drizzle. 

The heat is another story, I HATE being all sweaty and gross if I am not working out. As much as hiding out in an air-conditioned movie theater is my preferred method of avoiding summer, I tend to put on the thinnest sundress possible, and just deal. 

The only exception? Thunderstorms. Thunderstorms mean drop everything, make a giant fort in your living room, and eat popcorn. Word. 

Shirt-Forever 21
Skirt-Shop Ruche
Boots & Jacket-Thrifted

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12 Musings

  1. Love the outfit!

    We're total opposites. Even though I'm a sweaty gross mess in the summer I'd rather be outside like that than bundle up and go for a walk in the cold.

    I agree with you on thunderstorms though. I love them!

  2. I wish it was raining instead of snowing where I am!

    I like the umbrella - it's cute!

  3. You look so cute girl! I love that first pic of you with the umbrella. So pretty!!! I don't like extreme weather. Too hot! Too cold! I'm not a happy girl. HaHa I think we're gonna have a hot summer. For us that means hurricanes. Ugh! Lol

  4. Love the skirt and your umbrella! So cute and pretty colors! :)

    Oh I also hate being all sweaty and gross too!! My biggest pet peeve of myself. ;)

    xo – Sheila
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  5. Yep, I like to be sweaty!! I would choose it any day but you look cute and we have the same umbrella!

  6. Brrrr...April has been cold here..with thunderstorms. Already.

    So love the skirt!

  7. Sweet umbrella. I'm so glad you go out with Louie like that.

  8. April is certainly being stormy our way. And snow too. But it could be worse, I keep telling myself.

  9. We had theunderstorms too the other night. It was so warm that night and now it is cold and rainy again!
    Your umbrella is darling.

  10. Love your skirt and the umbrella gives a nice touch!


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