Easter Bunnies

10:30 AM

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Holy Spring Batman! It FINALLY warmed up in The Mitten for a few days, AND, I went outside. 

My brother David took a few days leave and drove up for the weekend, so Friday night we went bowling and we brought my youngest brother Liam, who is nine and a more efficient bowler than anyone else who was present. Saturday we were supposed to go to Detroit for lunch/board game marathon, but because of the holiday weekend, not everyone could go so we skipped it. Kyle and I decided to go to the Detroit Zoo instead, because it has been ages since we did anything alone/went on a date (that is where the bunny ears came from). It was so warm out! I still had to wear a sweater under my jacket, but it was so nice to not have to wear all of my usual heavy layers outside. That and since it was so nice out, we ended up walking to the zoo because it is only a mile and a half from my house. Then we went to dinner with Kyle's family, and finished up the night with a small bonfire in the back yard. 

Easter was great, we ate a giant Polish dinner at my parents. My mom cooked, and I helped Liam color eggs, aka manage to get dye all over everything. Overall, it was a crazy, packed weekend but awesome. 

Also, Doctor Who. Also, also, Game of Thrones. 

Cardigan (can't see it), Jacket, & Belt-Thrifted
Bag-Urban Outfitters
Sunnies-Forever 21

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10 Musings

  1. Ooh, my husband would have loved coming to your Easter dinner, he's a Polish boy!

    We got a little taste of spring this weekend too.

    I love your floral dress and you're too cute in the bunny ears!

  2. Love your floral dress, bunny ears and how cute are your poses! You had a blast this weekend. WTG!

  3. i'm glad you had a great weekend.sweet bunny ears hahaa. i love your outfit that dress is so spring so awesome!

  4. How cute!
    The floral dress is so pretty! :)

  5. You are the cutest and I love your orange dress with the jean jacket. Didn't you love the Game of Thrones premier last night? I only missed not seeing Arya in it.

  6. what a great weekend! we had bouts of nice weather over the two days, and that just makes it so much better!!

  7. Love the Easter bunny frock!

  8. So fun. I'm jealous of those ears!

    So glad you got to spend some time with your brothers.

  9. Aw you are so funny and adorable!!
    Love your little rabbit pose in he one shot.
    Hope all is well as your brother is home! Have a nice time together!

  10. *nibble nibble* Want some lettuce, buddy?! Love your sense of humor.


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