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So I bought this purse/bag thing the other weekend and I love it and am now too lazy to use my other bags. Cool story bro. 

March was not the most productive month for me, not going to lie, but looking back at my resolutions helps me to remember to stick to them. So here goes:

1) Read four books per month-Done.
2) Watch four movies per month-Done.
3) Be punctual-Ha. 
4) Finish Classic Who-I am at the end of season two. 
5) Lose weight-as of today-11.2 pounds
6) Finish kitchen-No. I have the supplies, just need the time to get to it.
7) Finish guest room-Painted a table, have more supplies, but again, need time.
8) Clean up yard-Nope. 
9) Novel-Nothing new yet. 
10) Repair/hem clothes-Nope. 
11) Learn to crochet-Started, failed, but attempting again this weekend.
12) Learn to sew-Nope. 
13) Organize photos on Flickr & lappy-Nope, but have had some tips, again with the time thing. 
14) Learn how to do a manicure-I have gotten loads better, but still cannot manage a steady hand. 
15) Cook a new dish per week-Done. 

Kyle and I are plotting a few house projects this month, so hopefully that will help take care of a few items on this list. I have mostly been focusing on working out lately though. Long walks with Louie and Kyle are a really good stress reliever, and we have been doing 6-7 miles every other night ( I know, what the hell). AND, as soon as I get a new bike pump I will be taking Stella out more for romps around the neighborhood, like you do. 

Dress & Tights-Target
Purse-Urban Outfitters
Shirt & Sun glasses-Forever 21

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11 Musings

  1. Great list! And I love your denim vest! I need to find myself one too and wear it with layers like how you did. :)

    xo – Sheila
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  2. I love your denim vest and polka dot skirt! I pulled my denim vest out of storage over the weekend and I am looking forward to wearing it soon!

    And I love your new bag.

    And books and movies are the most important thing anyway right? :)

  3. Cool outfit! I love that skirt and your new bag. Well at least you know what has to be done. HaHa You'll get to it!

  4. I got a purse a lot like yours at Target..and I don't want to use any others, either.

    Looks like you tackled March pretty much.

  5. Sweet outfit. Love the sweater and the boots.

  6. I hope you have a wonderful April. Your March was busy.

  7. Oh, I love that you've got the vest out, already! Great outfit!!

  8. Sweet! You are such a busy girl. Best of luck on the crochet. Try not to tackle anything to fancy yet. I always have trouble with my turns..that's why I like to crochet in rounds. Try a circular scarf.

  9. This is such a great look for April. All the best on the new month.

  10. HAAAA I just cool story bro'd myself on my blog! WHY ARE WE SO AWESOME. I'm seriously in love with this whole outfit, though; it's classy and laid-back and quirky all at once! And finish your novel already so I can read it.


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