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A few weeks ago a reader asked me about my skin regime-not going to lie I was super flattered considering I barely know what I am doing. Most of this stuff people learn in junior high, I feel I am still learning. Anyay, here are the deets:

1) I use Burt's Bees peach & willow bark scrub in the shower each morning. 
2) As soon as I dry off, I use some Clean & Clear moisturizer, because even though I am 27 I still get pimples like a pubescent. 
3) I also dab on some Burt's Bees eye cream, because I was born with giant bags under my eyes and I tell myself that this stuff works. 
4) I don't spend a lot of money on makeup, because I like other things like food, so I pretty much use Rimmel everything. Hey if it is good enough for Zooey, it is good enough for me, right? Sure!
5) Except blush because Kyle bought me some Physicians Formula blush and it smells like candy and it takes all of me not to lick it. 
6) I use Clean & Clear morning burst to wash my face at night-because I am backwards like that. 
7) Then some Nutregena toner, because it is awesome. Followed by more eye jelly & moisturizer. 

Some tips:

Okay, this is mostly basic crap, and 90% of the population was born with this knowledge, but just in case there are lost little turds like me out there, here goes:

-If you have bangs, pin those suckers back when working out/sleeping etc. to keep oil from collecting on your face. 
-Let product dry. After I put the moisterizer on, I will brush my teeth. When it is dry, I will add the eye jelly, and floss. Then I will add makeup once that is dry. In the years prior, I would be in a rush to get out the door in time, so my face would have three layers of crap on it and then more pimples would arrive. 
-Use makeup applicators. Fingers can leave oil, and reusing the same applicator can get really gross after awhile. 
-Also, generic brands are cool! They are cheaper and usually are just as great. Like I said, I really like food, so I am not going to starve myself in order to afford top-of-the-line stuff. I will wait for a coupon. 

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11 Musings

  1. Sara, thank you for posting this. Your skin is silky smooth and clear. Great products! I haven't tried some of these. I love Burts Bees.

  2. one thing i love is seeing other people beauty routine and you have beautiful skin. i love rimmel london. they have the best nail polish for a good price, burt's bee is awesome and clear clean is the shit love that stuff =]

  3. Beautiful post! Love what you've listed!

  4. Totally awesome list. Burt's is always a favorite of mine.

  5. Such a wonderful post. Enjoyed reading your write up too.

  6. Definitely, some great ideas for skin care. Love the list!

  7. That was great and very helpful. I don't even know a lot of the basics about this either.

  8. I agree with you on generic brands - I am obsessed with CoverGirl Mascara; and the lippys from Maybelline and CG are just as incredible as those from NARS. :)

  9. I might have to give some of this a try - I am totally with you on the generic brands, nothing wrong with that at all! And yes to letting everything dry! I have only recently figured out how important that is (and I'm 31, like you said, we're still learning!)


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