Little Miss Mix-Match

10:30 AM

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I think the majority of my thought-process last week was "matching? pfft!", and so it goes. This weekend was the best! Nothing special really, but it was great. Friday night after work I stopped at Vivo's in Eastern Market to have a drink with the guys from work-rowdy but lovable bunch they are. Then Kyle and I went out to Ferndale with friends for karaoke-good times! I love that I have become one of those lame-asses who really enjoys something so simple as singing horribly to a group of strangers with my friends, does life get any better? Yes, but it was still fun as hell. 

Saturday and Sunday were a little more relaxing, I meet up with Tiffany for coffee and we yapped on about Doctor Who, life, Doctor Who, writing, and some other things. Kyle and I baked cookies and watched Footloose, because we are teenage girls. I also managed to clean and work on Kyle's scarf a bit-it is coming along. 

I also have seem to hit another plateau in my weight-loss, I have been stuck at the same weight for three weeks now, poop! I need to either up my workouts again, or add some more variety. I think Sideburns and I might have to take Louie for another hike, Louie would love to have a new supply of trees to pee on. Win-win. 

Dress & Coat-Forever  21
Bag & Scarf-Gifts
Hat & Necklace-Street Vender
Sweater-Old Navy

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7 Musings

  1. I feel you on the plateuaing weight, though to be honest with me its more that I'm not really trying very hard. You look great anyway!

  2. Your weekend sounds like a lot of fun! Bummer on the plateauing - I know how that goes. Hopefully you're over the hump on it soon!

  3. LOL at new supply of trees to pee on! HAHAHAHAHA Well you mix match well Sara! Awesome weekend my friend! Glad you enjoyed yourself.

  4. i love all of the different textures in your outfit!

    You did fabulous, dear! xoxo
    Rock on

  5. Such a great mix of prints!
    I love your bag! :)

  6. So wish I knew the stitch to your hat. I am going to have to study that photo...It would definitely be something great to make for spring. Still..windy here in spring. A hat like that is a must.

  7. I still need to do karaoke one day. I love your outfit! Looks so cute and warm! You look beautiful. Do you drink a lot of coffee or soda? cutting those out, certainly soda, and cutting out cream and sugar from coffee will bring your weight down a lot. I know someone who cut out snacks from his diet and lost 50 pounds in 2 months. >.<


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