Sideburns: Mini DC Trip, Part Two.

10:30 AM

Some of these photos are blurry on account of us having the improper lens on our camera, but, I am still jealous of not being able to go on this trip with the guys. I grew up basically obsessed with X-files, I would have been running around yelling "Mulder!".

Maybe it was better that I didn't go.

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4 Musings

  1. Oh, I'm sure it would have been a blast. Such great photos. Thanks for the X-files line too.

  2. Such a patriot time to go. I love the colors of the event and well as the landmarks.

  3. Some awesome times to savor. Glad you posted these. You're so funny too. That last part made me smile.

  4. i've been to DC but it's been awhile. still looks lovely. haha their faces are priceless.


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