Playing In Traffic

10:30 AM

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So it is snowing again in Michigan, and so the traffic is slow. Again. It is usually a 15-20 minute drive to work, and today it took me over an hour. Instead of getting angry that I now have to stay longer at work to make up for it, I decided to just deal. Because, sometimes I can act like an adult. So I made this list of things to do while stuck in traffic:

1) Listen to a podcast. I don't have any saved to my phone so. But, a good idea, correct?
2) Turn the heat up really high and when the windows get foggy, create masterpieces of art by doodling on the window with your fingers. 
3) Try to figure out the best way to stretch while still paying attention to the road. 
4) Contemplate life. 
5) Under no circumstances, think about the fact that you have to pee. 
6) Make car-buddies by waving to the other drivers/passengers on the road. 
7) Two words: CAR KARAOKE. 

Happy Friday!

Shirt-American Eagle Oufitters
Coat-Forever 21
Belt & Skirt-Thrifted
Mittens & Tights-Urban Outfitters
Scarf & Pin-Gifts

*PS-Look at my new amazing header!!! I have the greatest friends ever, thanks Mariah!

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9 Musings

  1. I love your new header!!!

    And it's snowing here too. And my short commute was brutal. I'll be staying late tonight too. Sigh.

  2. In our busy lives, it's smart and useful to find ways to productive fill in the gaps when we're driving or waiting. Glad to see you doing that. And I'm even happier to see how cute your shoes/tights look.

  3. Love the new header! Oh, I so want car karoke. My best work is always in the car.

  4. Love that scarf! What a great list.

  5. So cool. That owl in the header. Fun list!

  6. Really love the new header. So warm and snuggly..the scarf.

    Oh, slow traffic. We've been dumped with snow too. How I'd love a snow day.

  7. def a way to cope with traffic! put a positive spin on things! I adore that scarf lady, it really brings out your eyes and your hair looks fab!

  8. I'll remember that list when I learn how to drive :))

  9. hahaha! love the car buddy thing! great owl purse!


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