Little Bits: Mini-Desk Tour

5:30 PM

So the other day I took pictures of my desk at work, as noted. I pretty much refer to this area as "The Corner of Awesome". No, I don't, but I really should. I mentioned that I like to personalize my space, and I went ahead and made myself right at home here. My favorites include:

-Random assortment of buttons/pins-some of which I have had since I worked for the Golden Arches. 
-Cat calender, because cats. 
-Wedding photo & adorable pic of Louie & Kyle. 
-Shakespeare mouse pad.
-1-4 Doctors my friend Stevie drew & posted on Facebook, then I printed and framed it (I got permission first). 
-Starwars coffee mug, pencil case full of colorful pens, giant pink headphones, notebook, & day planner-I pack these in the large brown bag and bring them in every single day. 
-Space heater-I am the only one who has one. Everyone else is a peasant. 
-Eeyore beanie guy, because he is cute. 

So there you have it, nothing too exciting, but enough to make strangers stay the hell away from my desk. So, win?

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13 Musings

  1. Oh, so sweet! Love that you've made space your own.

  2. Love the art work of the Doctors! Great little corner!

  3. Thanks so much for letting us take a peek!

  4. LOVE how you decorated it!! It is super cute and I love the first four doctors artwork!!!! Darling!!!

  5. Your desk space is far more personalised than mine! Though I don't have a corner to pimp out..

    Love Eeyore! x

    Style by Joanne

  6. This is so lovely. I like how it is so organised with many personalised touches.

  7. Love the personality you put into your space.

  8. This is very inspiring. Glad you did this.

  9. How exciting! We love to peer into your world. Your impulse to personalize your space, even your workspace, is admirable. I'm the same way. Clients come into my office and quizzically ask, "Who's riding that motorcycle?" Visiting your desk, a stranger might ask, "Who's carrying that big lug on her back?"

  10. Awww...I love your office space, Sara - it is so you. And organized! :)

  11. I love how you personalized your little space! First off - your star wars coffee cup is AMAZING! Also, where did you get that lunch bag? (I think it's a lunch bag) It's adorable! Your wedding photo is beyond adorable! It really is the corner of awesome!


  12. girl, you do not work in a dungeon. i've seen dungeons! hahahaha very nice desk sara. there's bits of happiness placed all around doll.

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