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This dress always reminds me of something Phoebe Cates would have worn in "Drop Dead Fred", and go figure this is the most office-appropriate outfit I have worn lately. 

So I have started this thing where I have been slowly picking off my "friends" on Facebook. I kinda feel like a jerk, but there is only so much pissing and moaning I can take-and look, it just makes me whine about said whining. It is a vicious circle. I honestly don't mind 90% of what is posted on Facebook, pictures of babies/kids/pets/weddings/food/insertwhateveryourinterestsarehere/random funny stuff, etc. The whole point of this social media site is to stay in contact with people, keep updated on their lives, correct? So if your friend from high school is really into working out/health fitness, that is probably what is going to show up in your feed. Same goes for the new-parents with cameras, lots of baby-pics. If you don't like seeing these things, um, maybe don't go Facebook? I know, bitching about it is also freedom of speech. However, it might be good to sit back and think that some people may have different interests than you, AND, they might value these interests more than yours. Shocker, I know. 

So yeah, I have been deleting people who do nothing but bitch about others. These are mostly people I barely know, and have no clue how I came to be friends with them in the first place. How does everyone else deal with annoying people on social media? Do you just not participate? Do you ignore those individuals? It can be especially grueling when it is family members too, (that is where the 'unsubscribe' comes in ). 

However, EVERYONE should totally love and post things about Doctor Who all of the time! J/K...not really.  


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Necklace-Forever 21

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4 Musings

  1. Yes! I totally feel the same way, I either hide or delete people that are too negative on Facebook. Who needs that kind of daily drama?? I graduated high school wayyyy too long ago for that kind of stuff!

    LOVE your red dress - it is crazy awesome and looks fab on you!

  2. Oh..I just don't do Facebook.

    Love this dress. So cool. And yea! For Dr. Who!

  3. Love those boots. Such a fun outfit! So pretty.

  4. i was the biggest fan of phoebe cates. she was so pretty. i loved her in the movie SHAG. corky, but it was awesome. your dress is really pretty. girl, i deleted nearly everyone off of Facebook. my high school friends still acted the same (in their own circles) and college friends were pretentious. i went from 300 "friends" to 8 hahaha which are mainly bloggers i met on here.


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