Sideburns & Bangs Get Married, Part 3

11:03 AM

Chris and Michelle gave us the rest of our wedding photos before Christmas, and I had to go through and create another post with more captions from the big day.  Looking at these brings back ALL the feels, and even though parts of the planning were excruciatingly stressful, I would do it all again. 

These are some of the more candid shots, with more of the wedding party and a few of the guests, as well as some of the photos of us setting up and whatnot. 

Gerard-111 - Copy
Gerard-115 Gerard-116 Gerard-119 Gerard-178 Gerard-179 Gerard-187 
Gerard-165 - Copy Gerard-215 - Copy Gerard-216 - Copy
Gerard-220 - Copy Gerard-221 - Copy Gerard-227 - Copy Gerard-229 - Copy Gerard-255 - Copy Gerard-257 - Copy Gerard-261 - Copy Gerard-263 - Copy Gerard-265 - Copy Gerard-266 - Copy Gerard-267 - Copy Gerard-277 - Copy Gerard-336 - Copy Gerard-341 - Copy Gerard-345 - Copy Gerard-346 - Copy Gerard-364 Gerard-368 Gerard-432 Gerard-458 Gerard-508 Gerard-509 Gerard-512 Gerard-529  
Gerard-563 Gerard-568 Gerard-569
Gerard-760 Gerard-762 Gerard-828 Gerard-836 Gerard-929 Gerard-932 Gerard-939 Gerard-949 Gerard-956 Gerard-967 Gerard-993 Gerard-1031 Gerard-1033 Gerard-1037 Gerard-1052 Gerard-1056 Gerard-1065 Gerard-1074

Again, many thanks to our photographers (and family!) Chris & Michelle!  Yes I am going to spam my blog with links for them, because they are awesome. 

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13 Musings

  1. Aww Sarah these are such beautiful photos. The photos truly capture how much fun you all had! You were such a lovely bride!

  2. This looks like it was the most comfortable wedding setting ever. Loved these!

  3. I still laugh when I see your dad in that mask. Such total amazing photography. Lov'n that show of the flower girl and ring barrier near the end of these. So many others.

    I loved the take on such an individual wedding that everyone could enjoy. What a wonderful celebration! So glad your photographers captured it!

  4. What a great time in your life. Such love and fun in these pictures!

  5. Thanksss!! you are so cutieeeee ^_^ <3

  6. oh my gosh, this is precious! i really enjoyed looking through these photos. it looks like such an amazing day and you look amazing! thank you so much for sharing these with us.

    Enter to win a feather hair extension from Hair Extension Deal!!! :)


  7. Awww. Really wonderful wedding photos. <3

    Happy Weekend!

  8. So sweet. Such an amazing job your friends did for this wedding. Love it! Very inspiring!

  9. your dress looked so cute. you looked beautiful! everyone had a great time. love the floral for your bridesmaids.

  10. These photos are wonderful. Your wedding was beautiful. You can truly see how amazing the day was through the photos.


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