Oh, You Fancy Huh?

10:30 AM

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Yesterday was a crap-day. To keep it short, I was having a pity-party for myself because of Aunt Flow and for some reason I started having all of these self-doubts and became super self-conscious out of nowhere. I admit that I am not always confident, I see my flaws and sometimes I acknowledge them, and other times I just hope that if I ignore them they will go away. After whining about it on Facebook, a lot of awesome people reassured me that what I was whining about was not really that bad, and made me feel loads better. 

Then on the way home I was pulled over for speeding (five over), got a ticket, and cried. 

Then, this morning while having breakfast at Mae's with Kyle and my friend Sara, the stupid cop came in and had breakfast. 

There was a time when I would get angry/sad/both and would get hysterical or really depressed. A lot has changed since that dark time between the ages 18-22, and I can call it good. Instead of reacting horribly to things, I tend to just pout for awhile. But mostly I have turned into a grumpy old-man who just grumbles to herself, and crabs to her friends to get it out of her system. 

There is no point to this other than bad days happen, they suck but they end eventually. 

Shirt & Coat-Forever 21
Gloves-Urban Outfitters
Bag, Shoes, & Scarf-Thrifted


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9 Musings

  1. Yay Mae's breakfast!!!

    I am almost positive it's the same cop who gave me my ticket! Does it have his name on the ticket he gave you?

    There is nothing wrong with pouting and crabbing to your friends. We all have bad days and being able to be self indulgent in our bad mood and vent our feelings without it becoming a REALLY big issue shows how much we've grown up! Trust me, I think we've all been there.

  2. Oh no Sara! I've had days like that and hate them. The other morning, the day started and ended bad. HAHAHA I couldn't wait for the day to be over. I just tell myself, sunshine is ahead. Always after a storm of such. Hope things are going better for you now. LOVE your skirt!

  3. Oh I have had those kinds of days and they're just amplified when Aunt Flo is in town! I am sorry it was such a crap day, but I'm glad it's over and that things are hopefully better today!

  4. they do suck, and then all of a sudden everything is better, and you can laugh at yourself for being so grumpy. and then a month later...
    anyways, i am glad you are feeling better. just in time for the weekend!!

  5. Awww trust me, I've had days like those esp with TOM (I call it tom. haha..) and my husband always knows when to stand clear of me because I don't hold it in. ;)

    I love your skirt btw - changing subject. haha..

    xo - Sheila

  6. Yes, they do end. So our best strategy is to shift our focus to the happy things in life, leaving the misery behind. Sorry about your bad day, buddy; we all get them.

  7. I hope you have a wonderful weekend..after such a rotten day.

    I so love your backpack too.

  8. *hugs* I hope things are looking up!

    Your skirt is super adorable!

  9. That is sad that you had such a bad day and that you were ticketed and all that while being an emotional hormonal woman. Poor dear. It would be sad to have the cop come into the place where you ate too after that. AHH! Well you look so cute in these shots anyway.


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