No Shame

11:18 AM

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-The Tenth Doctor is my favorite (so far), no shame. 
-I put ketchup on my eggs, no shame. 
-On Sunday, Kyle and I were listening to One Direction, AND LIKED IT, no shame. 
- Last week I watched Legally Blonde 2, still no shame. 
-Sometimes, I drink flavored coffee, no shame. 
-Louie photo-bombs my outfit photos, and I still post them. Of course, no shame. 

If I have learned anything from  being obsessed with Hiddles, it is this:

"What’s my guilty pleasure? The thing is I never feel guilty about pleasures."
-Tom Hiddleston 
Dress-Urban Outfitters
Sweater & Coat-Thrifted

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14 Musings

  1. I love everything about this post! Because I actually like One Direction and Legally Blonde 2 as well - No shame here either! And I do like flavored coffee, but I find it gives me heartburn, but regular coffee does not. And vanilla lattes do not. Just straight up flavored coffee. Sad panda.

  2. And that's the way to THINK! I use to hide my loves (worried about what others thought), now I don't. You go girl! LOVE this outfit Sara. That top and bottom look so awesome on you. It's a great color!

  3. I love the quote. And yes, I've worked out to One Direction.

  4. So love your jacket!

    Great NO SHAME post!

  5. I confess..I have to have a 1 Direction Fix..ever so often.

    Lov'n the outfit! And a Hiddles quote too!

  6. haha..i like ketchup on my egg too..i like legally blond too..
    i love your hairstyle..i really want to cut my hair short but i don't have the guts..coz there is no going back. you look sweet.

  7. Such a great dress. Love how you are using it. Oh..such a fun post.

  8. I've never thought about doing a post like this "No Shame". I really like it.

  9. ohh thanks my love! i dye my hair yesterday, you can view the same result in my blog ahah!! <3 you are beautifull!! <3

  10. I agree, no shame! Love the skirt :) Maybe I'll have to check out One Direction........

  11. Such a cute outfit - I love the red shirt and dark grey scarf!

    And your no shame comments are great! Ketchup on eggs are yummy!

  12. Hahaha! I actually enjoy listening to One Direction. I think Taylor Swift's dating one of the guys and there's a joke that it's going the wrong direction once they hit rock bottom. LOL.

  13. I couldn't get into One Direction at all. . .but I tried, I honestly did.
    Good for you in having a love for the tenth doctor. I think they shold bring him back for a couple of seasons. THey could, you know? I mean, he is still a doctor and had lots of travels we may not have seen from BEFORE he met Rose! ;) I think they should do it!!!
    Anyway, I love ketchup with eggs. I think we saw Legally Blonde 2 in theatres! haha. It was great. Rob loved it (but doesn't tell guys)


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