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I really love opening up my inbox to see emails from my favorite online shops, showing me all of the lovely new items available for purchase. Occasionally, I will buy something, and I LOVE forgetting about it and then becoming ecstatic when a package arrives. Even more rare: when I venture out of the house to a favorite store and see all of the clothes lined up all nice and pretty-like. That is if I get there before all of the teenagers do on the weekend, and then the place just becomes ran-sacked. Point being: I love buying new clothes. 

However, I can't help but be overly delighted when an outfit comes together that is 90% thrifted. Spending time pouring through bins of crap that nobody else wants, sifting through racks of garbage to find that ONE item that you could incorporate into your wardrobe. Even more pleased with yourself once you discover that your new-to-you sweater has miraculously survived this process without acquiring any stains? You are now a thirfting superwoman. 

Now I want a cape. 

Dress, purse, shirt, scarf, coat, & sweater-Thrifted
Sweater Tights-Five Below
Necklace-Love 21

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15 Musings

  1. I wish I had more patience for thrifting, because sometimes I find THE perfect item too! Lovely sweater :-)

  2. Yes, I like thrifting too, lately I found some amazing items! :)

    You look beautiful, you superwoman! :D

  3. Such a great backpack with this sweater!

  4. Now Kyle's sock really gives a great detail to all this. Sweet backpack too!

  5. Such great thrifting! Wonderful inspiration!

  6. I love when that happens to me too! And more and more I find that my outfits are mostly thrifted the more shopping I do. But I like getting those emails too!!

    Love the striped sweater!

  7. Totally impressed by your thrift finds!

  8. This is by far one of my favourite outfit posts you've done... I love everything about this outfit!

  9. Sara, that is a cute outfit! I love that sweater and bag. I just started buying things second hand and love it.

  10. Cuuuuute! The cardigan with that little backpack!

    Wardrobe Quarry

  11. oh, i'm in love with this outfit. been wearing my sweater for two days since i'm a bit sick with a flu but here i am, blog walking.

  12. These are so pretty! You are amazing with what you've been putting together lately!!


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