Cold As Ice

10:30 AM

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Spending a weekend in, getting items on my never-ending to-do list slowly scratched off, did nothing to prevent Monday from arriving at its normal, rapid-pace. We did manage to return around $80 worth of bottles & cans to the store last night (we have more), so I feel like we really accomplished something. 

I cleaned a lot, I worked out, I even mailed out some late Christmas gifts, but the best part of the weekend had to be a combination of finally going through our wedding photos (there were over 1000), and watching movies with Kyle. I know, I know, cheese-fest (barf), but it has been so long since we did something lame as that. 

I promise a less cheesy post tomorrow guys, maybe even a possible update on my goals? Try to contain your excitement. 

Sweater & Scarf-Gifts
Coat-Forever 21

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14 Musings

  1. Your weekend sounds like mine, except I didn't do even that much! I watched movies and vegged!

    I really like the pleated skirt!

  2. sometimes those weekends are the best!

  3. Sounds very productive in a fun way!!

  4. Oh..those weekends..just aren't long enough. Great dress!

  5. Wow! Love your pics! Great about the glass and cans!

  6. there is nothing wrong with cheese...i am the cheesiest, so i like reading stuff like that!! i love that adds some fun to cold days!

  7. Ugh you look so cuuuute! And 1k photos is a lot to go through, holy shit. o__o I am impressed.

  8. aww cute photos and love that dress! well as a skirt that is :-) too adorable. great outfit.

  9. This time o' year my awe of northern style bloggers increases infinitely. I can't even stand outside when it's below 50 degrees.

    Pretty scarf. Covet :)

  10. I've been so lazy after Christmas. HaHaHa I've slowly been getting things done. I'm happy for you! Love your twirl in the last photo. So cute Sara!

  11. The scarf is adorable. Could not even beging to picture myself wearing it right now though as it is a zillion degrees in Australia.

    Wardrobe Quarry

  12. I also cleaned a lot this weekend. Go us!

    I really like the combo of girly/flowy skirt with chunky sweater. Totally works for winter.

  13. Did you guys print all your wedding photos, too? That's going to be a lot, if ever. I'm doing a little project on my own. I want to print my photos but not all. I'll be broke before the year ends if that happens.


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