Bloody Black Backpack

10:30 AM


Well as you can see this is a red backpack, but the song "Little Black Backpack" is stuck in my head, so there you go. 

I was talking with my friend Sara about routine's yesterday, and how I like to force myself into little ones at times. Don't get me wrong, I love the spontaneity life can throw at you sometimes, but occasionally I feel the only way for me to accomplish everything on my list is to do things in a certain order. 

For instance: Walking up a half-hour earlier so that I can be home in time to watch Liam was hard the first week, now not so much. Taking regular outfit photos after work is second-nature, as is planning out what I am going to wear for the week based on whatever I am doing each day (BTW, my vacation week is coming up, so therefore lots of yoga pants and slippers will be worn, but no yoga). 

There are days when I do things out-of-order: Kyle and I go out to breakfast about once a week, and on those mornings I almost always forget to take my vitamins. I realize it hours later when I am at work, and then have to ignore the little annoyance with myself tickling in the back of my head. So having little routines can help aide in remembering all of the little things that I need to do in a day, or further feed my OCD. Either way, I am hoping getting enough exercise will become part of my routine because I really would like to fit in my shorts by summer. 

Jeans & Cardigan-Target
Shirt & Bag-Thrifted
Bow-Love 21

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7 Musings

  1. Hey, I'm wearing chambray today too! As for routine: I forget my vitamins a lot so I put some in a pretty little pill box and keep it in my bag, just in case I remember.

  2. Yeah, I'm pretty much a routine kind of girl, it's the only way I can get myself out the door and to work on time, is if I follow a morning routine!!

    I love the denim shirt and gray sweater. And your red backpack. I don't know the song you quoted, but now I'm picturing Adam Sandler on SNL singing about his "Red hooded sweaaaatshirt."

  3. Ohmigosh Sara how cute is that backpack?! I seriously want it right now!! :)

  4. Super cool red back pack. I got rather focused on it. I find pics taken any time noon or later are much smilier than those taken on the way to work. On the other hand, I am also way more wrinkled :(

    Yoga pants. I'm wearing some now. Right up there with sliced bread.

  5. That is so cute that you and Kyle go out to eat breakfast once a week. It makes me miss the once a week dinners I used to do with Rob long ago. Your coat looks so nice and so does that little satchel bag!

  6. I'm crazy with planning but sometimes, I don't accomplish anything. I'm excited to hear about your exercise routine. Keep it up and good luck! =)


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