The Gift Of A Photograph

6:30 PM

A great idea for a gift this Holiday season is a really cool photograph, because if people are going to hang crap on their walls at work or at home, it might as well be something worthwhile to look at amiright? Becklo Photography and Design is a Michigan based photography shop, containing beautiful and interesting prints alike. For the Mitten-State resident or lover, there is lots to choose from. 

There are also a few more unique and just effing adorable items as well. Ahem. 

Check out Becklo Photography and Design for more details and for any questions. Happy Holidays!

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5 Musings

  1. I so love polar bears. Owls have been interesting this year, too.

  2. That polar bear is cool! Gosh, you don't realize how huge they are. She captured it well. I can feel it's strength!

  3. The postcards I sent are mostly photos of my travels or anything that I took, myself. It's more personalized, cheaper and more awesome.


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