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What is better than a dress with cats on it? A FREE dress with cats on it! My friend Suzzie gave me this dress a few months ago and I wore it out Saturday night. Unfortunately, I can't quite fill out the top of it, so I threw a sweater over it and wore it out Christmas shopping with Kyle's twin Brian last Sunday. 

I feel like this last little bit up until Christmas is the craziest time of the year! Actually, I feel like Kyle and I never really slowed down after the wedding. All of the birthday's in October, then the holidays creeped up on us, bastards! Tomorrow is the "unofficial" work outing. My place of employment stopped doing Christmas parties the year I was hired (go figure) but continued to do the picnic in the summer. This year was the 65 year anniversary, so we went on a dinner cruise (so fancy!), which didn't really leave room in the budget for a holiday party. I am not even sure if they will be doing them anymore, which bums me out a little bit because even though I am pretty laid-back when it comes to parties, I kind of wanted to get all fancy for a holiday party. I remember when we were kids we would put on our best clothes and go to my grandparents's or my aunt's and have Christmas eve dinner, then come morning we would wear our pj's all day at home. 

I still think it is great that my co-workers all decide to go out for a few drinks this time of year though. It's like "HEY! We made it a whole year without killing each other, lets have a beer!". Such warm joy. 

Sweater & Purse-Thrifted
Necklace-Street vender
Coat-Urban Outfitters

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16 Musings

  1. Sweet umbrella. Love the cat dress!

    Such fond memories to remember!

  2. I love how this umbrella goes with your outfit. Sounds like some great Christmas memories in the works!

  3. Love the outfit and how the umbrella matches!

    Since I've worked at my place of work we've never done any kind of holiday party either. We would do a catered lunch (fried chicken or a brunch) in the factory which is pretty lame. People would just stop work for an hour or two then go back to it. Last year and this year it was up to me to organize the party and I did convince the owner to let us have it out somewhere but it's still super casual.

    It's at Farina's (where Anne got married) but it's at 11am and no one dresses up.

    I want to dress up in a dress and go somewhere fancy sometime!!!

  4. I hear you! I really want to buy something sparkly for Christmas/New Years this year, but everywhere I plan on going has a casual vibe. Maybe I'll match some sparkly heels with skinny jeans, a black top, and some red lips. Casual enough, eh?

    I can't believe that this post is in mid-December and you're sporting an umbrella instead of a parka! Oh, Michigan!

  5. This is so fun. Love the outfit!

    I have one sparkly top. I almost wore it to work, but I chickened out. And I won't be going to the Christmas party this year, either. I know, I'm a real grinch. I suppose.

  6. I'm way jealous of your dress! So cute!! And man, this time of year is nuts and it's going full steam ahead. I'm trying hard to stop and savor the moment, but it's tough!

  7. Cat print dress. I'm in heaven! It's so beautiful with the pink umbrella.

    You're right, it IS fun to get gussied up for a holiday party. But if there's no parties, maybe you and your sweetie could do a holiday dinner date out, and you could get out the cocktail dress and bling, and have fun being really fancy ;)

  8. The cat print dress is SO cute, throwing a sweater on top was the perfect fix! I am really loving the pink printed umbrella with the dress print, adds some definite cheer to a rainy day!
    xo Hannah

  9. a dinner cruise is so nice! I hope you had/have a great time!!! I love the umbrella!

  10. Well your dress and umbrella are really super cute. The colors and prints compliment one another :) Awwww, that's ashame they didn't have a Christmas party for you guys. A lot of companies are struggling though to stay afloat. It's great the employees came together and decided to have drinks. That was nice.

  11. I love when friends give away great dresses. You look so pretty in pink!

  12. awesome shoes and outstanding umbrella I have to admit.
    love your smile Sara

    Inside and Outside Blog
    P.S. I'm hosting a glasses giveaway on my blog here check it out!

  13. Hahaha! The thing you said about your workmates made me laugh out loud! XD

  14. The cat dress is so adorable! The entire outfit is great!


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