Films: Arsenic And Old Lace

6:30 PM

Friday night dinners with family are something Kyle and I have established in order to see our families on a regular basis, as well as preventing them from calling every single day. Last week was with my parents, and as usual, we talked about what we like to watch on TV. My Dad has brought up time and again; "Arsenic and Old Lace", insisting it is the funniest movie known to man. Then proceeded to find it on On Demand, so we watched it. 

The movie stars Cary Grant, as a man who secretly weds his next-door neighbor, and comes home to surprise his two old, but lovable aunts who raised him, with the news. He soon learns that these two "darlings" are actually responsible for the 12 bodies buried in the cellar, after discovering one of them in the window seat. 

The movie then proceeds to be a giant bag of mixed nuts, quite literally, with an almost witch-hunt for the maddest member of the family. The film is hilarious, not only for the plot, memorable one-liners, and the addition of "Teddy Roosevelt". However, Cary Grant's facial expressions are what really make the movie. So yeah, add this to your Netflix list, because I said so. 


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3 Musings

  1. YESSSSS Those old ladies are so strange!! hahaha. LOVE this film. I didn't know they put it on instant play, or is it not that way? Either way, It has been a couple years since I saw it. I should do so again. I think we should all memorize the film. It's amazing.

  2. Haha! This looks hilarious; I may just need to check it out! :)

  3. Cary Grant was not only the handsomest man who ever lived but also, surprisingly, a great comic actor. He made several terrific screwball comedies showing off real talent at making us laugh.


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