The Calm Before The Giant Blizzard

9:59 AM

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Behold my vacation uniform: Cardigan, dress, & boots. Looking at these pictures, one would assume that it was Spring with all the green behind me. Now all of this, including all of Louie's land-mines, are covered in a foot of snow-Huzzah!

Kyle and I finally made it to the Social Security office this week-I am not an offical Gerard. It is very odd seeing my old name and my new name on different things, I feel like I have a secret identity. I would have to use a regular name if I were a spy or something, could you imagine: "Agent Bangs, reporting for duty!" Too dirty. Kyle however, he could get away with "Agent Sideburns", has a much nicer ring to it. 

Right now I am exhausted  because I was supposed to meet a friend for breakfast, but we didn't wake up in time (it's okay, punctuality is on the agenda for NEXT year), so now we are going to grab some coffee tomorrow. Now all I can think about is coffee and how I need it in my system NOW. 

Dress & Belt-Thrifted
Bow-Love 21
Tights & Cardigan-Urban Outfitters

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8 Musings

  1. I love when you wear those lace tights. I want to steal them. They are fun!

    I was supposed to meet friends for coffee too, but we decided the weather totally sucks so we are postponing. I wish I knew that before I got out of bed though. Oh well. Fortunately I have loads of coffee at home! And I can stay in PJs.

  2. I love having uniforms for various events of life...currently: winter uniform. hint: it involves a beret.

    And yes, coffee please :)

    -Sara, Road to the Heart

  3. HAHAHA Sara! This is some WACKO weather we're having. It turned warm here and now it's raining cats and doggies. LOL So I understand your weather dilemma. Cool outfit! Love the lace tights and sweater. Hope you got your coffee fix! Have a great weekend doll!

  4. You look amazing! Those tights are stunning as well as your dress!

    Kisses, Lucy!

  5. I woke up early today to have breakfast with my friend. It's really good to catch up with someone you haven't seen for the longest time.

    Waking up to the sound of an alarm early morning is a dream killer. LOL!


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