Small Comforts

10:30 AM

IMG_7332 IMG_7340 IMG_7339

Things I find comforting:

My Weezer snuggie (yes, you read that correctly)
Kyle’s socks
Mint Green tea
My exploding Tardis blanket
Flannel pajamas
Gilmore Girls
That the Doctor Who Christmas special is getting CLOSER
Bunheads will be back on in January
Coffee + Ovaltine
Walks with Louie
When I remember to charge my Ipod
The tightness of my legs after my workout
Kyle will eat anything I cook, regardless of how horrible it is
Spending an entire day in bed reading a big fat fantasy novel

Sweater, bag, & coat-Gifts
Necklace-Forever 21

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8 Musings

  1. Your coat is SO similar to the pants I'm wearing today. I love your coat! Plaid is my favorite ever!!

    I find comfort in Gilmore Girls too! I need to have a Gilmore marathon, it's been awhile!

  2. Cool coat! Where did you find the Weezer snuggie?

  3. Sweet list! I can't wait for Bunheads, too!

  4. *sigh* Looking at your blog is one of my greatest pleasures. It isn't even the clothes you wear -- which are superb -- it's seeing you. Your smile, your cute short hair, your sparkling personality. If you start to charge admission, I'll pay it!

  5. Sara loved her coat that he and his beautiful vintage shoes too ... cool things you like, spend the day reading phew so if the book is very good and those who hold the story you

    Kisses rose jp

  6. The tightness of my legs after my workout. Like!

    I want to write this kind of post, too!

  7. Cute dress!

    And I love your comforting list <3


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