Little Bits: Adventures in Babysitting

6:00 PM

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I mentioned the other day that I had been asked to babysit my friends Maria & Cix's little girl Serenity, here is some proof that I am okay around small children...sometimes. Many of you know that Louie (the big furry bastard on the right) is my BABY. I love this guy to bits, but he has issues around small children, bikes, cars, mopeds, skateboards, etc. He is scared of everything. He lets you know by barking his big fat head off at whatever it is he feels threatened by. He not only barked at Serenity, he hid behind me for almost an hour, terrified of someone 1/8th of his size. 

Serenity is the best kid to babysit, hands-down. She is very chill, she never cried (until it was time to go home), didn't freak out when her mom left, understood when I said "no", and didn't even balk when Louie barked at her. Eventually, she found a stash of animal crackers, and proceeded to feed them to Louie, and he then thawed. As you can see in these pictures, is still a little: "Mom, what is this? Am I being replaced?", however, they teamed up against me and proceeded to terrorize my living room. It was fun. 

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5 Musings

  1. LOL. Now that you're married, you'll get the kids question ALL the time.

  2. adorable is she? And I love how Louie seems to be acting as a furry babysitter to her, as well. Cuteness!! :)

  3. That is SO funny and sad about your dog's reaction. Little children are ones to pull on tails and such. My dog is skiddish around other people in general so we were scared of how she'd react to our boys, but she loves them and doesn't bark at them. I guess she knows they are a part of us, which is so cool that they can tell, you know? If you were to have your own children one day, I am sure that Louie would behave differently from Serenity. She is a cutie! Love her eyes.

  4. Such cute pictures! She is a doll! I love Louie too though :)


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