Tardis Blue

9:00 AM

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More selfies! I kinda wish I got the hang of close-ups already because these shots don't really show off the details in the shirt or the cardigan, boo! You guys are probably so sick of looking at this jacket, but aside from my black pea coat, this is my favorite coat. I am convinced that it is TARDIS blue. And it reminds me of Rose. And Doctor Who (which BTW, I just started watching some Classic Who. First Doctor FTW!).

Blogger update: I have been trying to update & tweak this blog all week, I am only about %50 successful. I seem to be having trouble getting Google translator to become available to those who need it, I am also having trouble getting scheduled posts to actually publish. Also, also, Blogger took it upon itself to assume that EVERY anonymous comment was spam, along with many others that were not even anonymous. I am greatly sorry to those who have left comments in the past three months and I have not responded. Blogger is a dick. Anywho, I am hoping to get these things worked out over the weekend, if anyone can suggest anything for me to try, please do! 

Jacket, Shirt, Cardigan, Belt, Purse, & Shoes-Thrifted

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7 Musings

  1. Sara, I'm loving your more frequent posts. Just sayin' :) It's like indulging in a special treat every day - yay! As always, you're brilliant and gorgeous. Have a great weekend.

  2. I'm sorry you're having so much trouble with Blogger this week! Mine's been behaving itself quite well. Hopefully you'll get it all figured out.

    Love the blue jacket, I can't get enough of it either!

  3. Wow. Kudos with the scheduled blog posts! Some of my blog comments go to the spam folder even if they're a regular site visitor. I need to give my blog a face lift, too.

  4. At least you are at 50%..

    I dunno. Its hard to say. Like I'd scheduled my post earlier..and it had it for later..today. So I had to make sure the time was right. Always something.

  5. blogger is kind of a dick. i'm glad you got to see that we were still reading your blog!! and that jacket is amazing, i will never be sick of it!

  6. I LOVE the rich colors in this outfit - the royal/navy jacket, the oxblood bag, the cognac shoes. Gorgeous!! :)


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