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Welcome this week’s edition of Polyvore goodness! If you didn’t see this one coming, then you are probably just new to the blog. My love for Gilmore Girls in Polyvore form:

Lorelei Gilmore

Lorelei Gilmore is the fashionista of Stars Hollow, always experimenting with what is new, but always conscious of what works for her. Lorelei can rock a dress and heels; she lives in boots, and usually keeps it simple with jewelry. She never forgets a purse, making sure her money and phone can at least fit in said purse. What completes her look is her “up-for-anything-attitude”, be it a nice dinner out or a movie-night in. Complete with junk food.

Rory Gilmore

Rory is always a mix of casual & sweet, but always on the modest side. She pairs her mini skirts with her chucks, and blazers with pretty, flowey skirts. She is not afraid to wear heels now and again to spice up her wardrobe, but when in doubt, she just borrows from her Mother’s closet. Every look is paired with a cup of coffee for good measure.

Lane is the girl who lets Stars Hollow have more than a cookie-cutter image. In a world of skinny jeans, she lives in colored corduroy flares. She carefully pairs her denim jacket with her flannels, and makes sure to show off her rocker looks when she is jamming out with Hep Alien. As for getting fancy? Anything 80’s or 90’s vintage is key.

Luke Danes has the perfect look for a laid-back, small-town vibe. Layer up on the flannel and jeans, and always keep a baseball cap ready on days you have to be up early and on the go. Luke is always fixing things, everything to small handy-man jobs to emotional breakdowns. Keep a bag handy with all of your tissue and tools for whatever comes at you. To complete the rugged look, get some sexy, yet sturdy boots and a jacket for all weather. Make sure to stockpile your sarcastic comments for your long workdays ahead.

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12 Musings

  1. lol luke def needed a makeover. might have seen him in a suit, but im wondering if its wishful thinking lol

  2. I need to watch Gilmore Girls again! (ALL OF IT :D :D :D ) I wanted to be Lane. Well, I thought I was Lane in high school, anyway.

  3. Confession: I dont think I've ever seen a full episode of this show. BUT I can still appreciate the cuteness of these outfits :)

  4. This is totally awesome. I love this inspiration!

  5. Oh, I need some Gilmore nights! Great outfits!

    Love this Friday post!

  6. Oh, Luke. I really his inspiration.

  7. SWEET! I especially love Lorelei!

  8. This was so great. Love these. I like all their styles.

  9. Great post. Great show. My fashion style oscillates between Jess and Emily...

  10. Wonderful! Check out my latest collages:

    Passports & Prada


  11. First Buffy the Vampire Slayer, now Gilmore Girls? Sara we are pop culture soul mates! This is seriously my new favorite feature around here! :)

  12. I was watching Gilmore Girls earlier today, when I randomly thought of how you should do a polyvore set for them and you have! :D Also can I just say I want Lauren Graham's hair. I will gladly take hers or Zooey's.


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