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Friday night, Kyle and I headed down to Detroit with his mom and brother to see a really awesome art show. Michelle Gerard, Kyle's sister in law, has been working on an art project for the past two years featuring rollerbladers in an art form. The show was held at the Tanget gallery, and it was awesome. I really want to explain more of the project, but I fear I will botch it up. Basically, Michelle's goal was to use create beautiful photographs of the skaters in a unique art form. She took all the photos and did not use flash. You can find out more (and better) info here on her site.
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I loved all of the photos, there were so many from around the Detroit area and it was cool to see parts of the city in some of the photos. Chris and Michelle also went on a little rollerbalding tour with a group of bladers, so there were also photos from New York and other parts of the country that I have never been. They had another separate room next to the gallery set up for people to skate too, with pretty decent sized ramps built for the show.

I think that it was just so awesome to see all of these photos of young adults just doing something they are passionate about, and captured in an art form. Most pictures i've seen of rollerbladers are in sports magazines and the like. So it is cool to see them captured in a way that is not typically seen. That, and it's rollerblading! Something that was so popular when I was in junior high and high school and there are still kids out there, skating off walls like Spiderman. Not going to lie, I half wanted to dig my skates out when I got home, but to this day I still have no idea how to stop. I have mastered the grabbing onto something and hoping I don't fall methood.
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Another mention of the show.

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  1. That looks really awesome!

    You should pull out your skates! We can learn to stop together.

  2. Beautiful pictures. Seems like a really cool project - definitely a show I would have wanted to check out :)

    I am now following you!


  3. What an awesome show! She's so tiny! So how cool is this! Just makes it all the more awesome. What a wonderful family outing.

  4. What a cool show. Love your pictures. Its been a very long time since I've rollerbladed!

  5. What an exciting post. Great that you got to post about this. So great to see these pictures.

  6. You and Kyle's sister-in-law..look like you guys could be sisters.

    Love the post. Glad to see Kyle's brother, too.

  7. Hi Sara,,,I loved all of the photos..


    rose jp


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