Little Bits: Bit O' February

8:16 AM


1) This month has given us the most snow that we’ve had all winter, and it was barely nothing. Louie is definitely a snow-puppy though, he never gets tired of running around in the yard, trying to eat snow, and tracking it into the house.

2) I have been addicted to making green smoothies ever since I read Kate’s post. I experiment with different fruits and veggies each time, so good! Don’t leave it in the fridge though, it does not taste (or look) the same the next day.

3) I have been living in my Doc Martins this month due to all of the time I’ve spent in the warehouse at work, counting inventory. I can truly say that I am a 90’s kid at heart.

4) I was supposed to make a cake for my brother’s girlfriend, Mariah for her 21st birthday. I forgot to ask Kyle to get something to decorate the cake with, so to avoid a plain cake, I made cupcakes. Man, now I know why cake-pops are so popular, one of these is beyond filling.

Song of the day "1234" By Feist

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9 Musings

  1. Louie and, love, love! :)

  2. My pup also adores the snow-she woke us up at 3 am barking like a mad woman, all because she wanted to go out and run around in it...quite obviously we need to start closing the blinds all the way when we sleep :)

  3. Hi there :)

    In NY, we have had a pretty snow-less winter... Hope you are enjoying it for us ;)

    Those cupcakes look super yummy... Can't go wrong with chocolate. That was smart to switch it from a regular cake to cupcakes. I'm sure your brother's girlfriend loved it ;)

  4. I so want those doc martins! Love your photos. I bet you make cupcakes with beets yet! Love the smoothie.

  5. I hear March is suppose to bring us lots of snow here in the mid-west. What we've had has finally gone.

    Love your pretty photos! Sweet!

  6. I must try this green smoothie! Love the pic of Louie. Sweet Doc Martins too!

  7. Louie is such a great model! Interesting smoothie!

  8. I love green smoothies! They're the best!


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